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June 8, 2018

Steve Kerr

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Four

Q. Today the President released a statement saying that he would not invite you guys or the Cavaliers, whoever won the NBA Finals, to the White House. Just want to get your reaction on that?
STEVE KERR: Man, it's Game 4 of The Finals. We're going to focus on the game tonight. So, thank you for asking.

Q. The center position, did you see something before this series started where you figured you would get some points and have productivity out of that position? I think Jordan Bell, JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney are 25-for-32 from the field and over 50 points.
STEVE KERR: It felt like a JaVale series, which was the case with our opening-round matchup with San Antonio, but not so much with New Orleans and Houston. It's just a feel for personnel and how we're going to be guarded. So it felt, watching tape before the series, that JaVale and Jordan could potentially play a role. And it's worked out that way. They've both played very well.

Q. On a very light note, we know the fans play a huge role in basketball games. If you were to sit from afar and pull the strings, which would you prefer: wrap up Game 4 in Cleveland to lots of boos from the Cleveland fans, or wait for Game 5 to all the cheers from the Golden State Warriors fans?
STEVE KERR: They both sound awesome to me. I'll take either one.

Q. Because you guys have obviously been in close-out situations a whole lot of times, have you noticed that anything has really changed? Does anything mentally change the way you guys go about a game day? Does it kind of have some sort of air of normalcy to a day like this?
STEVE KERR: It does feel a little different now. I was thinking about it a few years ago -- three years ago to be exact, when we sat here getting ready for Game 6, when we did close the series out. Our team is very different now.

I think having been through the battles in The Finals for four years now, having been through the previous series against Houston and everything else over the last few years, I think you gain from that. You gain wisdom. You gain experience. I sense that our team is more settled going into tonight than maybe we would have been two, three years ago. I hope I'm right. We'll see.

Q. In all three previous Finals, you split Games 3 and 4, including a few blowouts. Do they have any impact on the game today?
STEVE KERR: No, every year is different, and both teams are different. The only thing that's important is what's directly in front of us, which is tonight's game. The other games in the past don't matter. The experience matters, but not the results.

Q. In close-out games, what have you typically seen from opponents? We always hear that's the most dangerous team, a team facing elimination. Has that always been the case, or have you seen some teams that you kind of had already beaten them?
STEVE KERR: That's a tough question to answer because every series just feels different, and it has a different dynamic, different feel. I remember playing a series when I was with Chicago years ago against Orlando. By Game 4, Orlando had lost four or five players from injury, and it just felt like, man, this is a foregone conclusion. They were without so many guys. But normally, you're in the playoffs and you're just trying to win a game, and the other team is really good and you've got to fight for everything. That's what you face. So very rarely do you go into a game in the playoffs thinking anything other than, this is going to be really hard.

And by the way, that game turned out to be really hard, even though they were missing half their team. So close-out games are tough, no matter what.

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