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June 8, 2018

Virginia Derby Grimes

Scarsdale, New York

Q. Are you happy with how it all ended up?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: I would say we ended up with a good day. Hung in there in the foursome matches, and to get two points, I can't fuss too much.

Q. Did you give them any kind of rah-rah speech at lunch?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: We talked a little bit, just kind of going over the same thing: Be patient, be patient on the greens and let it come to you. That's kind of been the theme for the week.

Q. If there was one thing about the course that gave them fits, that's been giving them fits all week, what's the thing about the course --
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Well, I think today is the first day that we've seen any roll-out. It's drying out. The greens are dried out, and we have not seen that all week during the practice rounds. It's been wet and rainy. So I would say that's probably been the big thing. I think they adjusted a little bit this afternoon.

Q. Did the Alabama girls request to play together, or did you just think that was a natural pairing?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: I felt like it was a natural pairing. Just being around them, they just complement each other. I saw that from the beginning.

Q. They said you're on record with a "Roll Tide" at some point this week.
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Oh, I did. I said it over on the first tee to them.

Q. Did you feel a little funny when you said it?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: No, I was good with it. You know, I have family that went to Alabama, but I live in a divided house.

Q. It's nothing new?

Q. Can you talk about having those two girls in your anchor match? They were solid all day long, just maybe the comfort that came with that final match coming in?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, I put those two back there purposely just because they just blend so well together that I knew they would be good anchors if needed.

Q. Is there ever such a thing as a comfortable lead in an event like this?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: No, no, never comfortable because we're going to do this all over again tomorrow.

Q. How did they adapt to the greens because they were even a little bit different morning to afternoon.
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, because they rolled them between the matches, and things, I think, dried out a little more. You know, again, I just kept stressing to them about being above the hole and being patient, try to keep it below the hole.

Q. Is there any advantage to playing USGA conditions? How often does anybody really see that?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: You probably don't see these conditions too often. It's mostly USGA events, because it's a national championship, and this is a team event. You don't see this too often.

Q. You said you had them fill out player questionnaires to see who to match. Did you have anybody request I want to go out first, I want to go out last, I want to specifically play with her?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: We threw that in there --

Q. It was all in the questionnaire, though?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, yeah, there was no I've got to go out first or I've got to go out last. Most of them were comfortable going out first or being anchor. There's just been no problem with that. As the day went on, I thought the crowds built. We're looking forward to tomorrow them being even bigger.

Q. With all the gear and the swag and everything, that's become part of golf now, did you save anything from any of your Curtis Cup matches?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Oh, yeah. I have -- the museum has a few things, and my alma mater, Auburn, has a few things, and I've kept a few things. So yeah, I've saved some things.

Q. What did you keep?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Head covers, red coats, balls.

Q. Do girls get into that more and more with all the stuff that gets handed to them?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Oh, my gosh, it's unbelievable. They do. They do.

Q. Is there a favorite piece that you can sense?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Not at the moment. Not at the moment. Probably will before Sunday.

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