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June 8, 2018

Elaine Farquharson-Black

Scarsdale, New York

Q. Just to start off, your reaction to the performance today?
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: I'm disappointed obviously with the result, but I thought in the morning we hit the ball closer to the pin, but they holed for 15-footers. We would hit it in to five feet, they would hit it to 15 and they'd hole for the 3 and then we were holing ours for the half. It was a good fight back obviously this morning from Olivia and Sophie, and they birdied, what, three of the last four holes. And then obviously you saw the reverse in the last match when we were up and then the Americans birdied three of the last four holes. So kind of in terms of the two halves, I mean, the afternoon, I kind of think it just got a little bit away from us, around about 13, 14. We lost 14 in two of the matches. We won one. But the bottom match, the Americans were 6-under, which is really good scoring for foursomes. It's quite impressive.

So I think there were a couple of putts that we didn't make. They made, I think, more putts on the day. In the morning they had 16 birdies, we had 13. I haven't counted them up yet for the afternoon. But overall, I'm pleased with how we struck the ball.

Q. There was a sort of crucial point in the sort of middle match in the afternoon on the 17th green, they were in the bunker, you were on in two. Did you think that was a turning point when they sort of hit the flagstick?
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: Yes. Well, because our strategy is to lay up off the tee. They went for it, had a difficult lie, managed to move it into the next bunker, and you had to hit the flagstick. It was going fast, hit the flagstick, knocked down. So yeah, it would have been nice if we'd won that, but you're always got to anticipate that they're going to get them down.

Q. Does that kind of turning point change the way you look at tomorrow, or is it just the same as you planned going into the second day?
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: Yeah, no, I look at each one, what's going to be my best pairings to three bring points, kind of look at each series individually. The target is to win three. It will be the same tomorrow.

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