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June 8, 2018

Marina Alex

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. So I think that's your best round in ShopRite, right?

Q. Which blew my mind when I saw that.
MARINA ALEX: Yeah, I've really had a rough go here. I don't know why. I've played here so many times, and I guess maybe I feel like I should play better because I kind of know it a little bit.

But it's nice to just have a good round.

Q. Yeah. So what worked well for you today?
MARINA ALEX: I got up and down on a couple places where I need to do. Not that they were like bad, but just good chips to get myself inside like five feet. The greens can get a little bumpy because of the poana, so trying chip it like closer is key to not having to make something like 7-, 8-footers for par.

I made some really nice birdie putts, so just a good day.

Q. How does it feel to play well here, and then ultimately, how would it feel to put in a really good result?
MARINA ALEX: Yeah, it would be really nice. I just feel like this tournament has been a little bit of a monkey on the back in terms of wanting to have a good result. To put it together for three days would feel really good.

Q. Do you have a lot of people out?
MARINA ALEX: No. No one is here yet. Maybe that's a good thing. Yeah, my mom is in New Jersey, but my younger cousin, she's nine, she has a big dance recital tomorrow. They're going to do all that and the plan is to come down on Sunday.

I was like, Guys, I need to make the cut. I was like, This track record for me hasn't been great, so let's just focus on getting to Sunday. So hopefully they'll be here on Sunday to watch.

Q. Very cool.

Q. I think I was talking to Joanna Coe...
MARINA ALEX: Coe, yeah. Yeah, we played a ton together junior golf. I think we played a high school state championship here.

Q. Yeah.
MARINA ALEX: Yeah. She lives really close to here, so this is like really big home game for her.

But Joanna and I have been good buddies since junior golf. It's great that she qualified on Monday and she's playing KPMG.

I think she's at Baltimore Country Club.

Q. That's right.
MARINA ALEX: Yeah. She seems super happy with her job and said actually said she's playing better than she ever has, which is interesting.

Q. What things have you worked on in your game recently?
MARINA ALEX: Just my putting a little bit. I felt like I hit the ball pretty well last week at the Open but I just made a lot of mistakes on the greens.

So I spent Tuesday with my putting coach, who is actually my Godfather. He lives up in Northern Jersey. We just worked on a couple things in my setup. Just trying to focus on that while I'm on the greens and making the best reads I can.

Q. What's his name?
MARINA ALEX: Charlie Cowell.

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