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June 8, 2018

Su Oh

Galloway, New Jersey

SU OH: I played well. I just played solid. Yeah, I still missed a couple putts, but didn't really make too many mistakes which is good.

Greens are a bit tough here, so you just expect to miss a couple putts. Overall, pretty good.

Q. Yeah. Talk about the course and how it kind of suits your game.
SU OH: Yeah, this is definitely like a strategy kind of course. It's not overly long course, but you got to hit it in the right spots because otherwise like because of the slopes on the greens it makes it really tough for the second shot to try and squeeze it down one side of the fairway without going in the rough.

Q. Yeah, right. Had you had working on anything specific that you kind of saw today?
SU OH: Just my alignment really. Yeah, my alignment. Nothing special. Just everything. Nothing special, but everything, yeah.

Q. So is there anything different you worked on for this week?
SU OH: This week on my wedges, but I didn't really practice that much. Like U.S. Open was tough, so I just needed some rest. (Wind interference.)

Wednesday. Played there and that was really good. (Wind interference.)

Q. (Regarding wedges.)
SU OH: Yeah, I think so. This is the kind of a course where you hit like every club in your bag. Makes it interesting. You don't know what you're going to get. Depending on the wind, too.

So we'll see tomorrow.

Q. What are you going to do? Anything mentally to prepare yourself for tomorrow?
SU OH: I'm kind of tired so I think just rest. But I think just go out there and try to make lots of birdies and pars. Not make too many mistakes. You're going to make mistakes, just minimize it.

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