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June 8, 2018

Sandra Gal

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Amazing first round here at the LPGA ShopRite Classic. A great turnaround coming off a tough loss at the U.S. Women's Open. Can you talk ti us about your round today?
SANDRA GAL: Yeah, I had such good time with my playing partners actually, too. We talked a lot. Laura Diaz played after a long break, and we talked about kids and all kinds of things.

You know, I played well. Just could have played a little bit looser. I putted better. I worked on my game quite hard actually since last week and put a lot of hours in.

It's nice to see it then come to fruition.

Q. Talk about what specific aspects of your game you worked on.
SANDRA GAL: I worked on pretty much -- well, a lot of wedges actually. This course is a little bit shorter so that helped a lot.

Also worked a lot on my putting. Just wanted my routine to be a little bit more flowing, not overanalyzing, kind of speeding things up.

Q. Talk about the course. It's such a classic golf course, and the LPGA has been coming here for decades now. Talk about the course and how it suits your game.
SANDRA GAL: I love this golf course. Like you said, it's old school. The holes kind of go back and forth. I've played here many times. I think that being comfortable on this golf course is a big thing.

I think when you come in and you don't know it there are some blinds tee shots, knowing what's around the greens, sometimes there is some high rough.

But hitting shots that you're comfortable with and knowing it helps a lot.

Q. Are you going to work on anything gearing up for tomorrow's round?
SANDRA GAL: I might just hit a couple putts. That's pretty much it. I think the wind is picking up so don't want to hit too many golf balls.

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