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June 7, 2018

Shaun Livingston

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. You guys have been in this position before. How is it different?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Well, we want a different outcome. We want a different outcome. We want to have a chance to sweep. We've never done that in our four years, sweep The Finals. It's an incredible opportunity, incredible opportunity. Had the shot last year, and I think it's a challenge. It's like the game within the game.

Q. You came back from a 12-point deficit, and you win the game. How confident are you in tomorrow's game?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: We're very confident. I don't think we can be overconfident. It's kind of the human nature thing to do is to be overconfident. So I think we feel good about where we're at, but we still have to have the appropriate fear and come out and play the game.

Q. A lot of people mentioned what happened two years ago. So how would you guys prepare for tomorrow's game?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Well, it's different. We weren't up 3-0. We were up 3-1. But at the same time it's a chance to close out the series. We've been in this position before, so we lean on that experience.

Q. You're up 3-0, and you may have already answered this, I apologize. How do you approach Game 4 and not lose your intensity or become complacent?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: It's hard to do. It's hard. But this is the challenge. I think we have to challenge ourselves individually and as a team to say we want to come out and try to put this thing away.

It's just going to be -- it's a trap game. You let your guard down. You show up thinking that we're going to show up and win, right? Start making preparations for celebrations. You can't do that. You have to go against the grain.

Q. Steph often says you need to have amnesia when you have a bad shooting night.

Q. How hard is it to get in to that state of mind and keep going?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Well, scorers and shooters, they understand that. That's kind of what separates them, especially superstar players, players of their caliber. They understand that you're going to have nights where you miss shots, but you keep shooting. That's the only way you get back into rhythm, into form.

Those guys understand that. They had an off night, but because of their mentality, they don't prepare to have another one.

Q. How do you build that mentality? Is it just by working?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Repetition. Repetition, for sure. Repetition and getting the experience. Getting game experience. They've had that over the course of their career.

Q. They always say the last game, the clinching game, is the toughest. How do you manifest that killer instinct that you need that you guys have obviously done so many times before?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Yeah, it's, again, trying to challenge ourselves individually. It's like the game within the game, you know? As Coach likes to put it, it's easy for us to come out and just show up, but maybe we come out and give ourselves other goals, set other goals, set other challenges that we're trying to get to to kind of take our mind off of. We've just got to show up and play because it just doesn't work that way.

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