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June 7, 2018

Rodney Hood

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. How much of yesterday and the success you had was you not having a chance to play much in the series, and how much of it was you being able to finally get going?
RODNEY HOOD: I think a little bit of both. Just being really excited to play. You know, knowing I could have an impact on a series, just watching it from the sidelines, being able to know where I could help the team and getting out there. Just being really excited.

I feel like I haven't played in a while, and just going out there and trying to play with energy, and I think I did a good job of that.

Q. What is the mindset of this team now going into tomorrow?
RODNEY HOOD: We've got one game left. We've got to take it game by game. By no stretch of the imagination do we think the series is over. We're going to come in, and it's a one-game series now, and that's how we've got to take it.

Q. How much of what happened yesterday was just a result of "we did the best we could and this team is just really good"?
RODNEY HOOD: Yeah, I mean, it took an historic effort, a great game by one player to beat us. We held two of their guys in check for most of the game. They hit some big shots as well, but, you know, he hit some tough shots going down the stretch to beat us, and I think we played a good game. It just wasn't enough.

Q. What happened there in the fourth quarter defensively, and what kind of adjustments can you make for Game 4?
RODNEY HOOD: I think it was -- they did some good stuff that they weren't doing the first three quarters. They were slipping out of screens, they were cutting back door, and then, obviously, they hit some big, key shots. Give them credit, we defended well. Obviously we could always do better, but with a team like that, sometimes you've got to hope they miss.

Q. Individually, when you weren't playing, what were some of the things that you were working on to come back, I guess?
RODNEY HOOD: Just putting the ball on the floor. My conditioning, I think, was big. Just because I knew I was going to get the opportunity, just being able to sustain it and play. Just putting the ball on the floor, shooting the ball, ball handling, things like that. Just staying sharp.

Q. You obviously played well last night. Could you talk about the significance of playing on this stage of the NBA Finals?
RODNEY HOOD: I mean, it's the biggest stage. This is what all our guys dream about. Even though this hasn't been the ideal playoff run for me individually. I think just coming back in this series, just trying to prove myself and us as a team, just trying to win a championship, I think that's the biggest thing.

Q. Is there a moment so far at The Finals that sticks out to you?
RODNEY HOOD: No. I mean, we're down 3-0, it's kind of hard to say that now. I think we played well enough to win Game 1. Game 2 we were a couple shot away, a couple of possessions away, I felt like.

Same thing with last night. So I think we played well enough to be in games. Now we've got to figure out how we can sustain the effort like we did in the first half.

Q. How much of tomorrow night is a sense of urgency for you guys?
RODNEY HOOD: It's win or go home now. It's going to be tough. I know our fans will come out and support us, and we're going to come out and try to win the game. Like I said, there's no -- we don't think the series is over. We're coming out trying to win Game 4.

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