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June 6, 2018

Steve Kerr

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Three

Q. How is Andre Iguodala's availability tonight?
STEVE KERR: He's going to test it out on the court. I think he's likely to play, but I don't have official word yet. As soon as he's done with his warm-up and Chelsea [Lane] tells me, we'll announce whether he's good to go or not.

Q. I was listening to what you were saying today about Michael Jordan and activism and how when you guys played it was a different time. Given the platform that Michael had, do you feel like he missed an opportunity to do more or just do what LeBron does today or Kevin Durant does today or anything like that?
STEVE KERR: I don't. I think it was a much different time. Michael did all kinds of great things. He had his foundation. He donated millions of dollars to charity. He did a lot of stuff. It was just a different era. As I mentioned today, there was a lot less going on that was exposed, for sure. It's a different era in terms of social media.

But, no, he always did a lot of great things for his community, both in Chicago and North Carolina, a lot for his school. So I can't say anything like that.

Q. I was wondering how Klay Thompson is doing. I know he's probably playing, but how has he responded the past few days and how much has he been able to do?
STEVE KERR: He sort of half participated in practice yesterday and shootaround this morning. Kind of picked his spots. But he's doing fine. He'll play.

Q. You seem to be a proactive coach. Go back a couple years when you pulled Andrew Bogut out of the starting lineup, made some changes there. And you started JaVale McGee last game. Is that your philosophy? Is that your other coaches coming to you and offering ideas? How do you go about making those changes?
STEVE KERR: You always make every decision with the staff. Everybody debates decisions, and you come up with whatever you come up with. I think every team is different. As a coach, you get a feel for your team as the season goes on.

We have a pretty unique team this year in that our fifth spot could be manned by any one of like seven guys. We kind of know who the first four are going to be down the stretch. But based on injury, based on our roster, based on positionally, we've had a lot of different options to go with, and each series presents a different challenge.

I don't think JaVale played in the last series against Houston. He might have gotten in at the very end of a couple games. He barely played against New Orleans [in the Western Conference Semifinals], but he started and played all five games against San Antonio [in the first round].

So matchups have dictated a lot of what we've done with that fifth spot.

Q. Will he stay in tonight?
STEVE KERR: I don't answer those questions.

Q. Thought I'd try.
STEVE KERR: Yeah, good try (smiling).

Q. Rodney Hood hasn't really played much in this series, but what problems can he pose in this matchup, even going back to when you coached against him when he was on the Jazz?
STEVE KERR: He's a talented player. He's a three-point shooter. He's a good driver. We know he's very capable of coming in and being productive.

Q. Following up on the question about Michael and some of the things you said earlier about the Eagles. Sports in America today, does sports have more of a divisive impact on society or inclusive and uniting impact today? And how do you see your role as a coach and as a leader?
STEVE KERR: Sports are always a uniter. It's one of the beautiful parts of sports. You see what the Eagles did for the city of Philadelphia and how happy everybody was. Sports brings people together. It just so happens that now we have an interesting time politically, to say the least, and we have a lot of athletes who aren't afraid to speak out. But, no, sports have always been a great way to unite friends, family, communities and everything else.

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