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June 6, 2018

Tyronn Lue

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Three

Q. Who will be the key player for tonight?
TYRONN LUE: Who is going to be the key player?

Q. Yes.
TYRONN LUE: LeBron James, I guess (laughing). I guess LeBron.

Q. Thank you.
TYRONN LUE: Yes, ma'am.

Q. Just noticed the free throw rate and your three-point percentage at home has been a lot higher. Do you feel that you can take that type of -- I don't know, those drive-and-kicks and those open threes, why do you think there is so much more success at home than on the road, I suppose?
TYRONN LUE: I guess because you're comfortable. You play more games at home than you do on the road as far as in certain arenas. And our fans are great. We're making threes, the crowd is electric and they love it. So Kyle Korver is shooting 70 percent the last two series from three. J.R. [Smith] is shooting 53% at home.

When we get home, we play better. But we've got to play better. We can't just think because we're home we're going to do that. Our guys are up for the challenge, excited and we're ready to go.

Q. You said you're going to give Rodney Hood a shot tonight. What are you looking for from Rodney the most?
TYRONN LUE: I think his shot-making ability, but also being able to put the ball on the floor and drive it and create a play for himself or somebody else. We just need him playing aggressive.

Q. It looks like or sounds like Andre Iguodala will play tonight. If he starts, would you have to change your lineup? And if he's coming off the bench, do you have to watch for him and adjust to when he's on the floor just because of how he changes their team?
TYRONN LUE: No, we won't change. If he starts, we'll still start the same way.

Q. How would you compare the way you guys played in Games 1 and 2 in Boston versus 1 and 2 in Golden State?
TYRONN LUE: I don't even remember in Boston. Was it bad? Man, it all runs together for me. But I thought in Golden State, Game 1, we started the game with a physicality, defensive mindset. We played good enough to win that game.

I thought Game 2 in Golden State, we played in spurts. I thought we started the game and they scored too easily to start the game. Especially a good team like this, you can't let them get going early, and we did that. Then we were fighting our way back the whole time.

As far as Boston, I really don't remember.

Q. Kyle struggled last year in this series, and he hasn't really gotten a whole lot of looks in the first two games. Why do you think that is? Is this just a bad matchup for him?
TYRONN LUE: No, they do a good job of knowing where he's at. Klay [Thompson], Steph [Curry] and Kyle, they're probably the three most dangerous guys on the floor from the three-point line. They do a good job of just trying to make sure they're aware of where he's at on the floor, trying to switch out. So we have to do a couple different things to try to free him up. But he's a dangerous player. When he's making threes, him and JR, we're a different team.

Q. Can you play him and Kevin Love together in this series like you could in the East?
TYRONN LUE: We've done it.

Q. Not as much.

Q. So that answers that?
TYRONN LUE: Well, because he was starting (laughing).

Q. Well, it just seems like defensively it may pose problems for you to play those two together.
TYRONN LUE: It can be a little problem.

Q. What part of your team's game must improve tonight after watching the films? And you're coming home, but what part of it do you need to see the most improvement out of?
TYRONN LUE: I think defensively, just physicality. One through five, we've got to be more physical. We know they're trying to slip screens in Game 2, so we're on bodies and we're physical. That takes away the slips, and they'll slip it right into your body. So we've got to be physical.

Q. As far as your starting lineup, any changes tonight?
TYRONN LUE: No, sir.

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