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June 5, 2018

George Hill

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. What does it mean to come back to Cleveland?
GEORGE HILL: It's home. It's where we're most comfortable. It's where we feel the best. I'm sure our crowd is going to be into it and amped up.

Q. Is there a feeling of it's still on par? They've just won two at home. I know it was close.
GEORGE HILL: For sure. It's a long series. They did what they're supposed to do. They won two at home, and we have a great opportunity to come home and play two games and win two games in front of our crowd.

Q. What is the biggest challenge coming into Game 3?
GEORGE HILL: Just defensively. I think offensively we're doing OK. I think a lot of the mishaps and defensive part of the game we can clean up to get better.

Q. You're playing in front of your fans. How important is that to you, and what would this atmosphere provide for you?
GEORGE HILL: It's big. You're more comfortable at home. Everyone knows that. So we feed off our crowd. We feed off all 20,000 of them. We know that they're going to be loud and give us that extra push to make shots down the stretch, that extra push when you're tired to keep pushing.

Q. You guys were down 2-0 last series and came back. What is the right mentality to have in terms of trying to come back this series?
GEORGE HILL: One game at a time. We were down 2-0 there, come back home, win two. It happens. So we've got to just figure it out. The only thing we can do is worry about the game that's coming up tomorrow and focus on that.

Q. There are guys in this lock locker room that have overcome a series deficit against the Warriors. Do they need them to be vocal at all? Do you understand what you need to do?
GEORGE HILL: We understand. I don't think anything needs to be talked about. We all feel that we can still win this series, and we all feel that we can play a lot better. All the guys are focused and ready to go for Game 3.

Q. How do you describe the leadership of LeBron James?
GEORGE HILL: He's doing great. He's been leading us all season long. Been playing very well. Been a catalyst. He's done a great job at putting us on his back and leading us.

So we've got to feed off of that. We've got to continue to try to knock down shots for him and make easy opportunities so we can give him a rest. I think he's playing a lot of minutes and got the ball in his hands a lot. We need to take the ball a little bit and let him sit down in the corner and catch a break.

Q. Ty [Lue] said he's considering minutes for [Rodney] Hood. What could he do for you guys?
GEORGE HILL: He can play. We all know what Hood can do. He's the same guy that averaged 17 [points per game] in Utah. He's another big body that can put the ball on the floor, can shoot it. He's a great defender. So we need all hands on deck.

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