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June 5, 2018

Shaun Livingston

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. How do you feel in the rhythm of The Finals and up 2-0, the mentality to be here in Cleveland again?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Not necessarily excited to be back in Cleveland, but it's exciting to be in The Finals for sure. It's an incredible opportunity we have playing for a championship again.

Q. With Steph handling the pace of the game, when you're playing that way with the ball movement and the stuff that you're playing, are you guys unbeatable for the rest of the guys?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Yeah, I mean, we feel superior when we're playing at our pace. You know, anybody can be beat on any given night, but if we play the way that we know we can play, we feel pretty good about it.

Q. You're shooting really well in Game 2. What adjustments did you make from Game 1 to Game 2 to kind of bring that out?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: No really adjustments, to be honest with you. It's just being aggressive, being in the right spot too. It's nothing really magical about what I do or how I've been playing. I've been fortunate enough to, you know, shoot at a high clip. But a lot of those are dunks. Also just being in the right spot on the court.

Q. Do you almost feel like you are keeping the mid range alive in a lot of respects?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Maybe. But, I mean, probably just because I'm on this stage playing, right? If I was playing for a 20-31 team, not making the playoffs, nobody would care. Nobody would know.

Q. But the fact that people know?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Yeah, yeah. It's somewhat relevant.

Q. Do you get the sense that there is a real appreciation for your game?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: I think so, for people old enough to know that the mid range was actually a part of the basketball game in the '70s.

Q. Are you judging me?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: No, no. I'm messing with you.

Q. Any adjustments here in Cleveland? They hope they're going to shoot better from the three-point line. Is that something that you have to pay attention to defense here?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Absolutely. They play better at home. They shoot better at home. So I think our defense is definitely going to have to be sharper, box outs, really contain them on the glass. The role players, obviously, they play better as a team at home, so we'll have to pay more attention to that.

Q. You've had so much success running against this team. A lot of that is because you force misses. With them making more shots playing at home, which usually happens, can you guys push off makes as well?
SHAUN LIVINGSTON: Absolutely. And that's the key. That Houston series really helped us because trying to get the right pace. The way that they play, really grinding, grinding us out. You know, they make a lot of shots, so just being able to get the ball out quick and push the tempo. Even after a make, even after a free throw, just so we can get it in our style of play.

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