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June 5, 2018

Jeff Green

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. So you're back home to Cleveland now. How important is it to be playing in front of your home fans, and what will that atmosphere provide for you?
JEFF GREEN: The atmosphere's going to be crazy. Our fans give us another boost of energy that we're going to need. And I think it's going to be fun. It's going to be fun tomorrow.

Q. I'm sure you've been asked things about this, but with Kevin [Durant], what has the relationship meant to you over the years?

Q. Durant.
JEFF GREEN: Oh. There are a lot of Kevins here. I mean, it's more than basketball. We come from -- two guys from the DMV [DC, Maryland, Virginia area], fighting to get in this position, who have worked for everything we've got. To come in together and be on the same team and started off together in Seattle, it was great. We were there for each other through our rookie year for the first couple years of our career and it's great to see where he's at.

You know, it's a brotherhood that is more than basketball and something I cherish.

Q. What do you think you guys did to kind of help each other as you guys were entering the league and finding your niche?
JEFF GREEN: Well, first and foremost, going into the NBA with somebody that you know, somebody from the same area as you is easier to adapt to the NBA lifestyle, all the things that come with it and to go through it with somebody that you know and we have mutual friends that were there with us as well. So it was easier to go through it with somebody you know. So having somebody to talk to that understands the everyday grind of what the NBA brings was great.

Q. Everybody's talking about being better teammates to LeBron. So what is your plan next game?
JEFF GREEN: To do whatever I can to help him out.

Q. Like?
JEFF GREEN: Play hard, win the game.

Q. What are some positives you guys are able to take away from Game 2 since you watched the film over the last couple days?
JEFF GREEN: I think we did some great things on the defensive end. We've just got to get better at communicating on some things that they do.

Q. Does it bother you to hear the narrative about the supporting cast over and over again?
JEFF GREEN: No, I really don't care too much about what other people have to say about our team. We know what we have.

Q. I know you've addressed this many times in the past, but going back to your history, when the doctors first told you, what was that like when you first -- when they first told you after that physical? I mean, was it like why me?
JEFF GREEN: Well, I mean, I didn't believe it. I mean, how would you react if somebody told you that you have to quit doing what you love and you have to have a -- one and only surgery has to be a heart surgery that deals with life or death? I mean, I can't -- I mean, it's hard to put into words what was going through my head.

I don't know. My first thought was am I going to live? That was the first thing. I didn't care too much about basketball at that point. My first thought was am I going to live.

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