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June 3, 2018

Tyronn Lue

Oakland, California: Game Two

Warriors - 122, Cavaliers - 103

Q. Ty, in the fourth, Curry made all four of his contested three-point shot attempts. When he gets it going like that, even with great defense, is there anything that you can do about it, and how deflating is it when he hits nine?
TYRONN LUE: Yeah, it's tough. I mean, he makes tough shots, that's what he does. Even switching the pick-and-roll, having a five-man guarding him, makes him move, you get a good contest. But once he releases it, he sees the basket. He usually makes it.

But he's going to make tough shots, that's what he does.

Q. There was a play where LeBron caught a long outlet pass, seemed to be contact with both Klay Thompson and Steph Curry and went out of bounds, and you responded by picking up a technical, which is pretty rare for you. I know officiating was a big talking point after Game 1. How do you feel like LeBron was officiated in Game 2?
TYRONN LUE: My tech, I really didn't say much, but I was on the court. You can't step on the court, I guess, is the rule. But there ain't a lot of room between the sideline and the court. But, you know, they didn't call it, so it's over.

Q. I wanted to ask you how hard is it adjusting your strategy when the Warriors play like they did tonight.
TYRONN LUE: As far as what?

Q. Just Curry shooting nine threes?
TYRONN LUE: I mean, he made some tough shots, like you said, four of them in that fourth quarter were contested. I didn't think we started the game like we needed to start. I think not being physical enough. They score, I think, eight in a row to start the game.

So, again, we can't start the game like that. With that being said, we still fought and clawed back at the end of the quarter, being down four, which was good for us. But we have to start the game better, being more physical, bringing a physicality, and we didn't do that tonight to start.

Q. Coach, being down 2-0, but being in The Finals, being the fourth time, do you just kind of stay the course, or when you look at the tape and everything, would you consider possibly lineup changes? And the second question would be in the third quarter you guys made a really strong push, but didn't get it down. Only cut the lead down by 3. Did you just kind of run out of gas in the fourth quarter?
TYRONN LUE: That's a lot of questions, but I'll try to remember. But, yeah, me and my coaches were looking at some things to make some adjustments of what's hurting us. But, like I said, I didn't think we started the game with the physicality we did in Game 1. It was too easy for them. They ran around a little too freely, so that's how they were able to score and kind of get control of the game early.

I forgot your second and third question already.

Q. You guys made a strong --
TYRONN LUE: Yeah, the third quarter I thought we did a good job. That's their -- that's usually the quarter when they extend the lead and they come out and kind of blow the doors open for the game. I thought we did a great job of really staying the course, coming out in that third quarter, attacking offensively, putting the ball on the floor, getting to the basket.

I thought we were more physical defensively. We had a chance to cut it to, I think, 4. I think Larry missed two free throws, and we could have cut it to 4, maybe, from 6 to 4, and we don't, he misses both, they come out and make a three, and it goes to 9, and we kind of couldn't catch up from there.

But I was very proud of our guys, the way we competed in that third quarter because we could have let go of the rope down 13. We came out, we fought. We kind of saw some things offensively that worked, so we have to continue to keep capitalizing on that.

Q. Did McGee starting, did that throw you guys off at all or throw a wrench into what you were trying to do early?
TYRONN LUE: No, I mean, McGee's athletic, and when he's around the basket, it's hard to leave and help. So from that standpoint, but as far as our coverages and everything, it didn't really hurt us. But just his athleticism did early.

Q. Jeff Green and Korver are off to slow starts here in The Finals. Do you need one of them to give you something every night in these games?
TYRONN LUE: It all depends on how the flow of the game goes. We know with Korver since he's been here they do a good job of locking into him. Anything we run for him, they switch out, deny and take it away. So if he's not getting shots, it's tough on him because he's not going to beat too many people off the dribble.

But Jeff could be more assertive, I think. Be more aggressive offensively, not just settle for threes, attacking the basket because of his athleticism and his power and strength of going to the basket. So just got to work with that.

Q. JR, I think he had five points. Do you think what happened affected him or with the crowd chanting, giving him a standing O, any of that stuff?
TYRONN LUE: I don't think so. Not too much affects JR. I don't think so. He made shots. He had some good looks he didn't make, but throughout the course of the game I don't he think he really got shots in a row to kind of get into a rhythm. So that was kind of tough on him.

But we have confidence in JR, and he's just got to continue taking his shots.

Q. Livingston and McGee didn't miss a field goal. That's got to be something that's not exactly planned.
TYRONN LUE: I mean, when you're trying to take away Klay, Steph and Durant, other guys are going to be open. So, you've got to make those guys beat you, but they can't get easy baskets and dunks and things like that. So we're helping off those guys, and guys are locking in, paying attention to Klay, Steph and Durant, so they might get some easy -- they might get some shots, but we've got to take away the easy ones.

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