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June 3, 2018

Justin Thomas

Dublin, Ohio

Q. How would you assess your week here?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a solid week. It was a week that definitely could have been better if I just could have got some putts to go in. The first two days I just couldn't, those momentum building putts or savings putts, I wasn't hitting bad putts I just either wasn't reading them properly or a lot of times I wasn't leaving it on right side of the hole. I did a good job of that the last two days and finally got some putts to go in and had a nice finish those last four holes to get something working.

Q. Are you going up to Shinnecock?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, Rickie and I are going to go up there some time middle of next week.

Q. You put a heartfelt tweet about Bud. Have you -- you visited with him. Can you give everyone an update on his spirits and how he's feeling?
JUSTIN THOMAS: He was doing good yesterday. It calmed me a lot of after seeing him. I couldn't hit a shot, couldn't play a hole without thinking about him. And my buddy, Whis, who was there as well in the car yesterday. I mean I'm staying with James Whis, this week. So both of those guys, it's just, it sucks when your best friend's in a serious car accident and there's nothing you can do and nothing he can do. So but he's doing a lot better. I think he's in surgery right now, surgery got bumped back today. And I talked to Kolby briefly, our trainer, and said he was in good spirits this morning. And he was laughing, talking, but it hurt him to do both, so we tried not to ask him too many questions or make too many jokes.

Q. Is Whis out of the hospital yet?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I don't think so. I saw him yesterday as well, and he was, he was in there. So I mean, he's got a couple broken ribs as well so I don't think he's out.

Q. Was there anyone else in the car?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, there was four people total.

Q. Who were the other ones? Do you know?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Two of Whis's friends. I don't know them. I met them but I don't know them at all.

Q. You were staying with him. I mean how, it's an empty house now or whatever. He's not there, what's that been like?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Well, he's got like kind of a little guest casita so I've just been in there. And, yeah, his wife called me when it happened, like whatever, 11:30 on Friday and just told me -- because I mean she knows Bud and I are really close and obviously, I wanted to know about Whis. So, yeah, I was up for about four hours, so trying to figure out what was going on.

Q. Punctured lung or --
JUSTIN THOMAS: Collapsed lung. And, yeah, I think four, five, six broken ribs and something, something with his leg.

Q. Do you have any idea what the long-term recovery is?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, I -- it was a little too much going on to ask when he would be back playing golf. There's a lot more important things.

Q. How aware were you that your No. 1 was at risk today? And did it maybe mindset-wise affect you? And it looks like you're going to be able to keep the top spot right now.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't really know. I had heard, kind of through the grapevine or kind of heard rumors about it, but I wasn't really paying attention that that was a possibility. But I think, does Rosie have to win? Okay. So, yeah, so I think I'm in good shape. I don't know exactly what he's at now. But, yeah, it's comforting, but I would liked to have had a chance to win the golf tournament. But like I said, I'm glad, with my good finish, that I was able to get a respectable week out of this week.

Q. What you obviously have been through, or your friends are involved in that, how hard is it for you to even get out here and try to compete?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's really hard. No offense to anything with the tournament, but I didn't care to be here yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking about it and thinking about him and I just really wanted to get done and go to the hospital. So I truly have no idea how I shot 4-under par, but maybe my mind being off golf was a good thing.

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