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June 3, 2018

Joaquin Niemann

Dublin, Ohio

Q. I know there were a couple of holes you would like to have back out there today, but you have to be really pleased with how you bought fought back this weekend given the circumstances.
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: It was still a really nice week. I just wanted to finish a little better in the last round, but it's still a very nice, another top-10 for my career, so it feels really nice and I also hope to be back.

Q. With that birdie at the last it should get you enough points to get special temporary status, so that gives you unlimited starts, if you can get the sponsor exemptions the rest of the way. How much does that help in the quick turn around to be a professional to now have that opportunity?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, obviously it helps a lot. I think I was supposed to finish 7th and I finished tied for 6th. So it was very nice to be temporary status this fast.

Q. How much are you going to think about the double bogeys or is that just stuff that happens?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: No, nothing to do with that, just it's golf. It happens every time.

Q. To have the start to your pro career that you have, do you have any expectations of something like this?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I mean, I think that I, before I was thinking about winning after how I played the first few days, but, yeah, nothing on the last day. Still pretty good, just keep working and try to be in the same position that I was on Sunday and see if I can make it all the way.

Q. How did you determine how you wanted to swing, your normal swing? How did you get to stick with this swing? A lot of guys are calling it a unique swing for you.

Q. Your golf swing, how did you develop it and stick with it and ultimately commit to it?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I mean, I have been swinging pretty good these couple days, just made a couple of tee shots on the back nine, just two or three bad swings.

Q. Do you think that, people didn't probably know who you were when you came here. The reception that you got, do you think like, okay, people will now realize who I am now?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I'm not here to tell anyone who I am or how good I am, I just play for myself. I wanted to do my best every time and still want to be like that.

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