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June 3, 2018

Danielle Kang

Shoal Creek, Alabama

Q. Great start, 4-under on front-9. Tell us what you did to get that.
DANIELLE KANG: I definitely got off to a hot start. I've been hitting -- I just had one round where I wasn't striking the ball well and I shot 5-over that day but I told people I wasn't actually mad, it was the best 5-over I ever shot, making up and downs from all over the golf course, and today I just needed -- I knew my ball-striking was there.

Like yesterday afternoon I talked to Ledbetter before I teed off and David fixed it and I just shot the under pars and I felt really good coming into today and really wanted to post a low one. I just kept on trusting my putting and I just saw the line and speed and I finally figured out the greens after four days.

So, I started to make some putts, which was great.

Q. What did David tell you?
DANIELLE KANG: It was just like a little glitch in the swing, like sometimes for me it's real easy to understand. His lesson actually like involved in like pretend your caddy is there and don't hit him.

It's just like -- part of a swing because I'm not very technical so he just like positions the caddy in a certain place and pretend he's standing there and don't hit him. It works. Lot of technical ones. David, I'm hitting it really far right. He goes okay, we can fix that.

Q. What about the greens do you feel like you figured out?
DANIELLE KANG: Well, yesterday I was afternoon round I had a lot of birdie opportunities and I felt I missed everything and I haven't been making a lot of putts and then so I started writing in why I kept missing putts, speed or line. I realized it was my line.

Then I just adjusted the line and went birdie, birdie yesterday last two holes and then I felt good over that and I kept on reading the lines the way I adjusted to and it worked.

Q. Do you usually do that in a round?
DANIELLE KANG: If it's really not working yeah, I try to adjust because if it's as consistent -- sometimes it's like oh, I miss it low, high, low. If it's that it might be speed, I don't know what could be. If it's very consistent and I'm doing everything I can, sticking to the routine and it's not working then I have to figure out like all right, what are you doing, are you -- got to figure it out.

Q. What did you think about the golf course today considering everything that's happened in the course of the week?
DANIELLE KANG: Today? The golf course was impeccable this week. I know there was a lot of talk between whether the golf course is wet but out of all that rain, the golf course is in great shape. I know it's softer than the way the USGA probably wanted it to play. However, it's still really tough. They played it long. It was a U.S. Open golf course and I wouldn't expect anything less. If you take one focus off of it double is just right around the corner.

Q. You walked up the hill with something different over your shoulder. Were you carrying the standard?
DANIELLE KANG: I was talking to the standard bearer. She plays golf and she doesn't. It's kind of heavy. Let me see this thing. I carried it up for her because it is really heavy. I'm -- my arm is sore. I only walked up this hill. Just helping her out. I just wanted to thank all the volunteers for coming out and carrying all that. It's metal, man.

Q. Defending your title as KPMG in just a few weeks. What does a good finish for this week do for your confidence?
DANIELLE KANG: I just -- you know, I explained to people that I know where my game is at. Sometimes I don't play well and I know what I needed to adjust. But like I said a few weeks ago, my game is trending in the right direction and I'm in contention couple of times and that's what I wanted to do for this year and for the last three weeks.

I got a new caddy and him and I are working really well together and yeah, just really excited for the year because I feel like I just -- I'm in a really good place and my game is in a good place so just want to keep playing but I am taking a week off, which is great.

Q. International Crown teams are finalized in a couple weeks. How much --
DANIELLE KANG: I have no idea.

Q. How much are you aware of that race for Team USA? Your 5th.
DANIELLE KANG: I'm 5th? Okay. We'll see in a couple weeks what happens. I don't keep track on stuff like that. People ask a lot like whether it's Solheim playing, International Crown and, you know, honestly good golf takes care of everything.

So, I can't really worry about how many points I could get or not get but I would love to be on that team. It's in Korea. If I can be in Korea for two weeks in a row that would be incredible. I'm definitely going to play the best golf I can play every week-in and week-out. We'll see where I end up.

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