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April 9, 2005

Thomas Bjorn


JIM BLANCHARD: Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas Bjorn, 8-under. Would you like to make a few comments about your rounds and then we'll take questions.

THOMAS BJORN: Yeah, I mean, I've got to say, I played pretty much as good as I would like to around here. I'm hitting the ball very solid. I hit it very solid this morning, and this front nine in this third round has been very good. So much you can say, you've got guys around making it happen, and I think this is where you want to be and this is what you want to do. I'm very happy with my golf.

The one thing about this golf course is you can't really focus on anybody but yourself. What goes on around you is other people's business, and I mean, I'm very happy with the situation I'm in. I can only say that if Chris keeps playing the way he is, he's going to be very difficult to catch, because it's fine golf.

Q. Do you think Chris or Tiger is the man to beat tomorrow?

THOMAS BJORN: Well, that was an impressive front nine, wasn't it? What you have to do when you are six shots off the lead to go out and produce that kind of front nine is very impressive.

I can only say that if Chris plays the way he is, he's going to be difficult to beat. I said that before, and that's going to be for anybody. Tiger is Tiger, and when he gets on those kind of runs, then we never know what's going to happen. I think I have to say actually I think it's great for the game that he's playing that kind of golf that we are used to seeing him play.

Q. You've seen off Tiger before though, haven't you?

THOMAS BJORN: I've seen him play the best golf of his life probably in Pebble Beach in 2000, and I know what he's capable of doing.

Q. And you've beaten him in Dubai?

THOMAS BJORN: I've also beaten him, but that's a different story. I know what the guy is capable of, and when he plays like that, you've just got to enjoy watching.

Q. How has your game evolved over the last couple of years? It seemed like there was a down period and you've risen up above it. What's been the improvement?

THOMAS BJORN: I just think I enjoy my golf more than I probably ever have. I enjoy being out there. I play with patience much more and I play my golf. I don't really try and chase anything anymore. I just go out and play my golf and see how far it takes me.

I don't really worry too much about if I finish first, third or fifth in a golf tournament. I know that's going to -- I can't affect it afterwards, anyway. So I'll just go into the next hole and enjoy that. I've enjoyed this. I enjoy being out there.

I have to say, that's probably the first time in a major championship where I actually feel in the golf course that I really am enjoying myself. I always thought before it was such hard work and now I enjoy myself. I think that might be the key to actually play well.

Q. How good is it to look over there and see yourself so high up the leaderboard, and is there a danger of overjumping yourself and just getting ahead?

THOMAS BJORN: I played one shot at a time. At the moment I'm playing really well. It's nice to see your name there, but, I mean, there's 27 holes to go in this golf tournament. We know when this tournament starts, there's another 18 holes to go before the tournament starts, and we know that.

So just get yourself in position and then see what can happen.

JIM BLANCHARD: We have a lot of players that are stacking up. Want to thank you, Thomas. Have a good evening and good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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