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June 3, 2018

Lee Slattery

Brescia, Italy

Q. That putt on 18, I think said it all; put a little bit more pressure on Thorbjørn but overall your thoughts on a final day.
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, I think Thorbjørn could have holed it from anywhere today. Under pressure I've seen him hole so many great putts today and I always thought I needed to make a 2 on the last, even when he knocked it in the bunker, I thought he was going to hole it, you just had that feeling about him all day, which is what I was like yesterday, actually. But yeah, delighted to finish 20-under par and finish third in a Rolex Series Event, that's a big steppingstone for me.

Q. How pleasing was the eagle to get you back in contention?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, unfortunately my caddie, I hope he's all right, my caddie was struggling. He had a really bad back. Going up one of the hills, he was struggling to breathe a little bit and we switched caddies, which affected me a little bit. I'd like to say not for his sake, but I do think it affected me a bit. I hit a poor drive off the next and I didn't hit many poor drives today. Just cost me a couple of shots and they were crucial at the end.

Q. The cheers must have told you what Francesco was doing, and he made a valiant effort to keep the pressure on you guys.
LEE SLATTERY: It's quite easy to tell actually. It must be like a Ryder Cup atmosphere when he holed that putt on the last, like geez, look at them crowds go. I actually thought the grandstand was going to collapse; they were jumping that hard on it. But great to see. When an Italian does well in Italy, it's brilliant for the fans.

Q. Some for big Rolex Series Events, Ireland, France, you must be enthused about the events coming up?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, it's been a really slow start to the year, so after last week, a really disappointing Wentworth, to come here and play like I did and secure my rights for next year, there's so many things I've done this week in just one week. It happens to everybody, you have one good week and it can change your whole season, so hopefully that can change mine now.

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