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June 2, 2018

David Lingmerth

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Obviously having won here, how special is it coming back?
DAVID LINGMERTH: It's always great to be here. Even before I won I loved this place. And everybody treated us great and the course is always in magnificent shape, so it sets up good for my eye, so I love it.

Q. How tough has the rough been this week?
DAVID LINGMERTH: That was the first thing I noticed when I got here this week, that the rough is never good out here, but they really kind of let it grow a little bit more this year. It's very, very penalizing. Hitting the fairways is prime this week. If you can't keep it in the face, you're not going to score very well around here, so, yeah, it's gnarly.

Q. How close is it to a U.S. Open look?
DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, it's definitely up there with the U.S. Open rough, I would have to say. Now the fairways are pretty soft and not super narrow, so I feel like a lot of guys should probably hit a lot of fairways. But if you don't, you're in trouble.

Q. When you get off to start like that, there's probably not too much traffic, if you will, because a lot of guys haven't come out yet. But were you kind of paying attention to see what Rory was doing or maybe some of the other guys?
DAVID LINGMERTH: I glanced and saw a little bit how Rory was doing and I heard a big roar on No. 5. He must have been making an eagle or something. I'm just guessing. But I knew he was doing good in front of me. But I try to not look too much at the leaderboards, to be honest. So I just try to do my own thing.

Q. Does that kind of help you to kind of get off to the start that you did, because you don't have somebody kind of behind you or you know what I'm saying, you're not really watching but you're just kind of doing your own thing?
DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, you kind of have to do that no matter the situation, just do your own thing and focus on your own game. But, sure, being in the position I was in, I wasn't too worried about anyone, what they were doing on the leaderboards and whatnot, so I could definitely zone in and it was a nice start.

Q. Are you aware of what Tiger's doing out there?
DAVID LINGMERTH: I just saw it now when we signed the score cards, that he may have a putt there for 5-under on the front.

Q. He made it.
DAVID LINGMERTH: He made it? Okay.

Q. So he's 10. Is there a different buzz even among you guys when he's doing this kind of stuff?
DAVID LINGMERTH: We love to have him out here and it's been great to see him do well this year. It was definitely more of a buzz maybe right when he got back. Now we see him a little bit more frequently and maybe the same buzz isn't really there, but it's great to see him be here and do well.

Q. Do you remember any time you've had a 7-under through eight holes?
DAVID LINGMERTH: Yeah, I did have a pretty good start in the British Open one year.

Q. Two years ago maybe I think you birdied the first six or something?
DAVID LINGMERTH: It was 2015 at St. Andrews where I was 7-under through nine. But, yeah, I mean it's up there with some of my hottest starts ever, yeah, for sure.

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