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June 2, 2018

Tiger Woods

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Talk about today. I know the last hole is a bitter disappointment.
TIGER WOODS: Well, yeah, 16 and 18. I know I shot 68 today but, again, that's probably the highest score I could have possibly shot today. I played really, really well. I played beautifully, actually. Had total control of what I was doing out there and just didn't finish it off.

Q. Iron play's been really good the last two days, putting got better today, despite the short miss. You've got to be pleased heading into tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm in position. Hopefully I won't be too far back. 14-, 15- might be leading at the end of the day. So I wish I could have stayed up there at 11-under. But tomorrow's another day and hopefully tomorrow we can get it in. The weather's going to be a little iffy. But I'm in position where if I shoot another good round like I had the last two days, I've got a chance.

Q. When you got to 11-under, you tied the lead there. Were you aware of that and if so was that a little energizing just to have got yourself to that point?
TIGER WOODS: No, not really because I knew that 11-under wasn't going to be the lead. The lead will be 14- or 15-under by the end of the day. So I still have a ways to go and hopefully I could have finished it off better than I did today.

Q. Do you feel like you're sort of, I don't know if wasting ball striking is a word, but just not taking advantage of it?
TIGER WOODS: I am definitely not taking advantage of how well I'm hitting it. As I said earlier, this is probably the highest scores I could have shot. I've shot, what, could have easily shot 62 or 63 yesterday and could have easily shot 63 or 64 without doing much today. I hit the ball well enough to, shooting in the low 60s could have been pretty easy if I had just had putted normally.

Q. How did your comfort level on the putts compare to yesterday?
TIGER WOODS: I was fine at the beginning of the round. But, again, I hit -- my speed was bad on the last two holes, the last two out of three holes and I didn't make any. I missed one at 14- as well.

Q. Do you feel your game's good enough to win right now?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I was at 11-under par, and I had wasted a bunch of shots the last two days and I was 4-over par in the first round, so you do the math.

Q. You said yesterday you weren't sure if it was a technical or a feel problem on the greens. Have you figured that much out at least?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I was releasing the putter beautifully early. Just getting the putts to turn over. My toe was moving nicely. And just didn't do it at the end.

Q. How far do you have to, how far can you be back going into tomorrow to still have a chance?
TIGER WOODS: As I said, 14-, 15- will probably be the number and we'll see. The weather's supposed to come in tomorrow and it's supposed to be iffy. And if there's wind associated with it, then I don't think the guys will shoot as low. They gave us some new pins on Sunday, which are a little bit surprising, so we'll see what happens.

Q. What goes through your head when you see a 19-year-old at the at the top of the leaderboard right now.
TIGER WOODS: I've seen it before. In '99 Sergio was at top of most boards when he first came out. It's nothing new. These guys are, especially the non-Americans, they turn pro a little bit earlier than we do here in the States, and to see them up at the top of the board is really not surprising.

Q. Did you feel like you figured something out last night when you went back to the putting green?
TIGER WOODS: I did, yeah. I hit a lot of good putts today and I just didn't do it at the end.

Q. Is frustration a good thing maybe at this point in your come back, because now you're seeing good shots and you're expecting things to happen, you're no longer satisfied with well, it's nice that I'm playing okay?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I feel like it, I've got a good feel for what I'm doing. Even when I wasn't feeling my best on the first day, I was able to make some tweaks to get it around and be able to turn a pretty substantially high number into a round that kept me in the tournament. And that's what I was saying earlier, is that that round, turning that score around, shooting even par kept me in the tournament. It's not going to certainly win me the tournament but it kept me in it. I could have easily shot myself out of it, but I gave myself a chance and then lo and behold I do what I did yesterday and today for most of the day it was pretty darn good.

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