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June 2, 2018

Patrick Cantlay

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Nice playing. Got yourself into contention. Unfortunate finish on the last with the tee shot.
PATRICK CANTLAY: It wasn't that bad off the last, just pulled it a little bit, it's a tough tee shot, tough hole. Good 5 to finish, actually, after the pulled tee shot in the water.

Q. A couple of eagles, obviously the hole-in-one. Talk about that.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, hole-in-one was just a little 7-iron. And it was perfect. Landed just short of the flag and pitched in. Second one of the year. So it was good.

Q. When was the first one?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Pebble Beach. Like the 11th hole at Monterey Peninsula.

Q. (No Microphone.)
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, two good numbers and two good shots. The 4-iron on 15 was 223 and that was just as far as I can hit a 4-iron and I hit it really good. And then the 7-iron on 17 was from 178. It was just a knock down. So just a knock down 7-iron under the wind. Both went in there close.

Q. Take us back to the hole-in-one. What club did you pull out?
PATRICK CANTLAY: 7-iron. It was a little one.

Q. What's going through your mind when you strike it? Did it feel good?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it was good. Tracked it basically the whole way and fortunate to have it go in. Just lucky to have -- whenever it goes in from that distance but very happy.

Q. You seem to be warming up to the place. Have you played here much?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I played here last year in the tournament and I really liked it. I didn't play great last year, I think I finished 30th or something. But I really like the place, I like fast greens, and I like the premium the golf course sets for hitting the ball in the fairway. You cannot play from the rough this week. I hit in the rough on a couple par-5s today and just scrambling to make par from there. So got to be in the fairway and I like golf courses that are like that.

Q. How do you feel about the opportunity tomorrow to try to win the tournament?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it's great to be in contention. That's what I play for, that's what I practice for. And it's exciting. That's the most fun I can have out on the golf course, is being in contention. So just go out and stick to my game plan and hit a bunch of fairways and greens.

Q. How big is the confidence fact -- eight months ago doing it at Shriners, the fact that you know you can do this and close.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it's great. Like I said after winning the first time, it's kind of like breaking the seal and now I feel I can go out and get it a bunch. Get a bunch of wins. And that's how I feel. I feel like when I get in contention that I know I can seal the deal and play well under pressure and that's what this game's all about.

Q. How many holes in ones have you had as a pro?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Two. Both this year.

Q. This seems like the second or third.
PATRICK CANTLAY: This is the second one.

Q. How many ever?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Maybe three in tournament golf.

Q. Was Ryan getting some hometown Buckeye fans out there?
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, it's good to see. My caddie went to Ohio State and played with Ryan, so he's a real good dude and it was fun to hear the crowd cheer for him all day.

Q. This seemed like with the conditions of the course and the scoring that you just can't afford to do anything but go forward. A lot of noise out there.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I mean this golf course you can hit some shots that feed in there close, but if you get out of position it's really tough to make par. So if you make a bogey just got to keep going. I hit a couple poor tee shots, made a couple bogeys on the back, but made a lot of really nice swings and made some nice birdies. And I think that's what you got to do on this course.

Q. What did you do off the tee on 14?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I just mental lapse, made a bad swing. Hit it right with a 4-iron, just blocks out to the right and once you're in the rough there's nothing I could do but pitch out.

Q. There seems to be kind of a running theme right now. You went bogey-free on the front, you had a couple on the back and that kind of seems to be a lot of people's games today. Is there something going on with the course that's a little easier on the front and when they get to make the turn it's not?
PATRICK CANTLAY: I think it's just tough to go bogey-free all day, that's why you don't see a lot of them. One mistake here or there and like I said, you're scrambling for par.

Q. But it seems like there's more of a difference between the front and the back.
PATRICK CANTLAY: Could be. I haven't been watching the scores.

Q. I remember Harrington once said long ago that the sole objective in the tournament is to get to the back nine on Sunday within three shots, two shots, whatever, and then see what you've got. Have you ever thought that way or are you more of a --
PATRICK CANTLAY: I try and stay in the moment and just try and hit as good a golf shot as I can all the time. I know that sounds super cliche, but I feel like if you can build the lead or you can start making some birdies and get on a roll, just ride the momentum and keep making birdies.

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