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June 2, 2018

Justin Rose

Dublin, Ohio

Q. You had it going there pretty good until a couple late bogeys but you're still in this thing.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, that's pretty much it. I got myself into a great spot there with a few holes to play and, yeah, I just didn't really, 15, 16 just didn't play particularly well. I was right between clubs on 16 and chose to play out to the right and then the ball went so much further on that hole that I anticipated and ran out of green to that trap. Obviously on 17 I hit a really good looking iron shot in there and just came up short. The wind was swirling a little bit, which was kind of the issues that we had there on those couple of holes. And my bunker play has been so good all week and those two -- two of the most simple bunker shots that I've had and was unable to get them up and down was just highly frustrating. And then another great iron shot into 18 and that was really good, just came up a couple yards short. So I had a hard time picking a distance for coming in.

Q. You'll be three or four back going into the last day. That's kind of not that bad.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's actually sort of where I won from in 2010. I think I was three or four back behind Rickie. Admittedly there weren't as many guys in the hunt that year, so when there's more guys in and around the lead, obviously you know you can get -- you can count and guarantee that one of them is going to play well tomorrow. So it's going to take something low to finish it out tomorrow, but give it a shot.

Q. Bogey-free on the front, threw a couple in there though on back. Is there something going on between the front nine and the back nine that's creating a little bit of an issue for some of you guys out there today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think that probably Tiger dropped a couple coming in, did he not? I think it was.

Q. 2-over on his last three.
JUSTIN ROSE: It was tougher coming in, for sure. The wind was coming out of the northeast today, so those holes are playing a little longer. And yeah, it was just, for me, I found it tough to pick the wind. And 16 today was a tricky pin, tucked way left over the water there. But yeah, they were playable, obviously there was no real reason for it, but, yeah, I would just say it's hard out here in terms of you've got the heat, you've got -- you're a thousand feet in altitude, which is not a big deal, but it's enough where the ball goes quite a long way here in Ohio. And then you've got that little bit of wind too. So all of that can add up to five, seven, eight yards and tough to predict. So I think that's where guys were running into trouble.

Q. You talked about accumulating your knowledge in golf somewhere last week, I think, and then you said you need to know a lot of things about golf, but then you use your golfer's mind, so it's like you don't use your conscious mind during the game?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think that there's a point you can, the more you learn sometimes the improvement doesn't show up and then you've got to kind of understand what you've learned and then realize that how to use it and how to use it effectively. So if it was just a knowledge competition, it would be, there would be so many great players in the world. It doesn't really matter how much you know, it's how you execute. So, yeah, for me I think it's about taking some principles, scientific principles, and being able to put them into a feel and be creative out on the golf course.

Q. Just a few shots back from the lead, coming into the final day of the tournament, how special would it be to win again where you got your first PGA TOUR win?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it would be amazing. It would be, yeah, I've been close here a few times, I think I've had two or three second places here as well. So it's definitely been a happy hunting ground. But to get a second bit of crystal would be fantastic and just shaking Jack's handing off 18.

Q. Is there something about Columbus that is so special that you play so well here?
JUSTIN ROSE: Just the golf course. I like the golf course here. It's a second shot golf course, it suits my iron play and, yeah, it's always a fun place to be. The crowds always come out in force to support us, so it's a good week.

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