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June 2, 2018

Bryson DeChambeau

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Great day. 66. I think it was one of maybe two or three bogey-free rounds of the day. How satisfying was that in your position?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, just keep thinking about those two 3-footers I missed. I played great, obviously. Ecstatic about where I am and I don't know if I'm in the lead or not, I've got no clue where I'm at.

Q. Tied.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Okay, tied, cool. We'll see what tomorrow brings. We're going off early, try to beat some weather. Hopefully the weather doesn't show up and hopefully it doesn't get any softer. I know that's kind of been a little diabolical, we get a couple mud balls every once in awhile. But other than that, played great today. Hit it pretty well for having my, what I'd would call B to B plus game. And putting it beautifully this week. Even though I missed those little 3-footers, I still think I'm rolling it really well and have a great chance for tomorrow.

Q. Now that you know that you're tied for lead, how important was birdieing 18?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Oh, I mean, look, I just want to birdie every hole. That's all we're trying to do out there. Man, any time you can hopefully be in the last group it's nice, but if not, it's still an opportunity to win. No matter if you're one back or tied for the lead. So every hole is an opportunity to make a birdie and that's just what I'm going to try and do every single day.

Q. You improved about 60 spots in strokes gained putting from this season to this season. I know that you've done a lot of stuff with Sik putting. What's been the reason for the --
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I mean they have been incredibly instrumental, Sik Golf, to my putting. Being able to utilize the Quintic system has been awesome. It shows us the launch angles. I can be comfortable with how it feels off the face knowing that it's going to roll the same every single time. So having that system, as well as confidence, in their descending loft technology has really helped me to consistently improve over the course of time. And seeing putts going in doesn't hurt at all.

Q. Are you still using the same putter that you did last year at the Valspar?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Yeah, yeah. So I mean, it's just been a continual journey to try and get a little bit better each and every day and try and understand, okay, why did I miss that one left and why did I miss this one. And did it feel good coming off the face, did I read it right. Just all these variables and we try and take account for that every morning before we go so I'm confident out there.

Q. Is this the best you've putted?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Oh, by far. The only other time that I putted exceptionally well was the U.S. Amateur and I could probably rival that. I would say I'm putting the best I have in my life.

Q. As you continue to improve, does it become more and more satisfying that your methods, for lack of a better word, are working or have you ever doubted?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: No, I never doubted it. It's just nice to have some validity to it. Everybody's got their own way and I'm certainly a little unique in the way I play the game. And I'm still fighting through a couple little things here and there on if it's really right or not in regards to swing theory and stuff. But in regards to putting I know it's a hundred percent right on, got to keep going with that, and then just get a little bit better with the ball striking. If I can do that, be more consistent.

Q. Do you find physics very useful in golf? Who is the physicist you would like to meet?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: I would have always loved to have met Einstein, obviously. That would have been fun. But there's a couple biomechanists out there that are pretty interesting, Dr. Phil Cheetham and Sasho MacKenzie, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie. Those guys are pretty interesting cats, from what I've heard, and I would love to talk to them and meet them and try and find out kind of what their thoughts are.

Q. (No Microphone.)
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: That would be great. I know he's not much of a golfer, so that kind of throws it out but, no it would be fun to meet him one day.

Q. Did you have to collect yourself into not going too far that way. I mean a little bit of feel --
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Oh, a hundred percent. And it's not necessarily that the technique is what overwhelms the feel, it's not necessarily about that, it's only an additive, something that aids in my feel. And as they start meshing together and better and better it's a system that works beautifully.

Q. Tiger Woods brings a different kind of roar when he's in contention. You were in the hunt in Tampa. Was it different hearing what he was doing?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: In Orlando I was in the hunt.

Q. I'm sorry. Orlando.
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: No, you're good. Yeah, I mean shoot, I think that's what spurred on Rory to win that week. He went on that birdie barrage on the back nine. And after hearing Tiger through 12, I think he was obviously getting up there and Rory said, I got to get something going, and he went off. And then I played pretty well as well consequently of Tiger playing well. But, yeah, it's definitely a different little vibe. I wouldn't say that it's penalizing in a sense, but it does make you think.

Q. How would you compare last year's John Deere win mentally versus where you're at now, and are there any similarities in that?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Well, I'm definitely in a different state with my game. I know that I can hit the fairways more consistently. I know can make a lot more putts, that's for sure. So I am a little bit different in regards to mentality from the John Deere to this year, and how I've played this year. I've played beautifully, had a lot of top-5 finishes, been right up there in contention. And I just hope that tomorrow I can get out there and do the same thing, not get ahead of myself, and make sure that I'm taking care of each and every shot and not worrying about the next or the one before.

Q. What's one thing, that swing theory that you're still questioning?
BRYSON DECHAMBEAU: Oh, it's end range of motion work. I'm not going to give too much away, but it's got to do with anatomical limits of your body and how you can best utilize them for your proprioception. How about that?

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