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June 2, 2018

George Hill

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. George, can you describe the last 36 hours of aftermath after that tough loss?
GEORGE HILL: No, because what's today, Saturday? That game was on Thursday, so I forgot all about it.

Q. The recovery process, is that quick?
GEORGE HILL: Today is Saturday and we're focused on Game 2. We're not worried about Game 1. So if you've got questions like that, I'll answer that.

Q. What happened at the end of Game 1, Tristan's excited that he's not suspended. Can something like that fire up a team for Game 2?
GEORGE HILL: Yeah, we need all our guys. That's a deep team over there. We know they have a lot of weapons. We know it's going to take a team effort. We need every guy on board, and I'm happy that the NBA didn't give him a suspension and lets him play with us again.

Q. After a battle like that in Game 1, what do you guys take away to being able to tie this series up heading back home?
GEORGE HILL: The same thing. Have to have the same mental approach to the game, be physical, have fun, you know, play to the last drop. You know, no matter the outcome that we had in Game 1, we felt like we gave ourselves a good chance to win it, and just didn't make the plays down the stretch.

Q. How do you clear the slate psychologically after such a crushing loss?
GEORGE HILL: Game 2. I mean, can't focus on Game 1. It happens to the best of us. How we're going to rebound from that, how we're going to play the next game and come out with that mindset that we feel mad that we gave up one. So we've just got to focus on Game 2.

Q. Is it best to try to forget or remember and use those memories for something constructive for Game 2?
GEORGE HILL: Forget. It's always good to just forget about it.

Q. Why is that?
GEORGE HILL: To forget about it. You don't want to think about it. You have to forget about it. It's gone. There is nothing we can do about it now. Unless someone has a time chamber, I'm sure they'd let us in there so we can go back and maybe I'd hit my free throw, if you guys have a time chamber or something. Other than that, I have to forget about it.

Q. Have you guys had, I don't know, like a team meeting or any conversations about what happened in the final few seconds?
GEORGE HILL: No. I mean, it happened. It's basketball. I think you guys are paying more attention to it than we are. You know, JR didn't do anything that he thought was wrong. He just had a brain fart at the time. It happens. Who cares. We're still going to be behind him 100%. That's our teammate. We know he's a competitor. He's a winner. I think you guys are making it too big of a deal right now.

Q. It seems like you guys can take some positive aspects of that game. You competed hard and played well. And you haven't really been playing that well on the road. So is there something in that that's a positive that you can take into Game 2?
GEORGE HILL: I think saying we haven't been playing well on the road -- we just didn't play well in Boston on the road. I don't think any NBA team played well in Boston on the road in playoffs. They were 10-0. So the other series before that, we played well on the road. So it is what it is. But we felt like we gave ourselves a chance to win, and they made more plays down the stretch. It happens. You shake their hands and live to fight another day.

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