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May 31, 2018

Alyssa DiCarlo

Lu Harris-Champer

Justice Milz

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Florida - 11, Georgia 3

THE MODERATOR: This is the Game 3 press conference with the Bulldogs of Georgia. We are joined by head coach Lu Harris-Champer, Alyssa DiCarlo, and Justice Milz. Coach, you got the big two-run homer to start the game, which was a nice momentum jump for you, and Florida answered with five, and kind of ended up chasing the lead the rest of the night. How difficult was that from that standpoint?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, to start the game it was really exciting to see the girls stick to the plan and just go out there and do a really good job and play free. After that, we had to chase it, like you said, but that's just part of the game. You just keep working in the game to get an opportunity to get back up and score some more runs.

Q. What was the feeling after that two-run home run to open the game, and how did you all feel what was that feeling like? Did you all think you had a lot of momentum after that?
JUSTICE MILZ: I was definitely going to say it was a momentum changer for us and our team. It felt pretty good. Just sticking to our plan, like Coach said, and staying locked in at the plate. I definitely thought it was going to transfer over to the rest of my teammates. And a lot of energy after that.

Q. How difficult is it to play against a conference opponent at this stage? You played them three times in a regular season, and it went your way. But knowing that you guys have seen a lot of each other, and then you get to this point and the stakes have been raised?
ALYSSA DICARLO: Like you said, we see each other a lot, so it can be either good or bad. It's really just about who shows up to play on any given day. They had more moments than us today.

JUSTICE MILZ: I would definitely feed off of that. Just whoever shows up to play. I wouldn't say it was a bad thing to play. We wanted to play them. I think that was a good opportunity for us to see someone on this stage that we've already seen before. So it was just whoever wins the most moments.

Q. Coach, the plan you talked about, can you elaborate a little more or is that still the plan going into the next game?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Not in the next game. But they did a pretty good job on it. We had discussions about what we were trying to do. I thought they did a good job sitting in there and working for it.

I do think there were some nerves that happened within the game. You know, it's over now. We move forward. Florida played a great game. You've got to give them credit, and we've got to do better and we will.

Q. I was told a story today about maple doughnuts. Did you have one today?
ALYSSA DICARLO: I did have one, but I didn't eat the whole thing because it wasn't very good. I'll eat the whole thing tomorrow -- or not tomorrow, the next day.

Q. When did that start happening?
ALYSSA DICARLO: I have a donut almost every morning. I just love Dunkin'. And then the announcers asked me what I had, and I didn't want to lie. I had a maple donut, so, yeah.

Q. Tomorrow's national donut day, so?
ALYSSA DICARLO: Yeah (laughing).

Q. Getting back to some of the bad things, walks and that type of stuff from your pitchers. Is that something you're going to have to work on? Because you all were even in hits when you look back at it. Is that something you need to work on?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: I think, you know, we've just got to continue to focus on what we do, stay in the moment, stay the process and locked into what we do. On any given day, you're going to get different situations and different things that happen. It's all about how you respond to them.

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