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June 1, 2018

Sarah Smith

Shoal Creek, Alabama

Q. Everyone is talking to your husband right now.
SARAH SMITH: He is way more interesting. That's fine.

Q. Did you look at a leaderboard at any point today, you realized how big of a lead you had?
SARAH SMITH: I saw a couple out there. I wasn't consciously trying to look or not to look. I saw a few. It's kind of fun seeing that.

Q. Is this I don't know, does that ramp up your nerves? How did you find your body reacting to that?
SARAH SMITH: I think I was definitely nervous but not like I've been in the past. I was actually kind of happy with how I handled it a bit more today.

I think -- I don't know. I find the nerves of playing bad are a lot harder to deal with than the nerves of playing good. So I feel like it's a different nerves but it was -- they were there.

Q. How did you sleep last night?
SARAH SMITH: I slept okay. Not the best night but it really wasn't a lot of time. Only like five and a bit hours anyway. It was all right.

Q. Did you switch or go back to old clubs or something? What's the story there?
SARAH SMITH: So I put some different clubs in for Hawaii and I really liked them. They were really good but I kind of rushed the process a little bit, like there was a short week between ANA and Hawaii.

I tried to hit my full shots with the new clubs. I just felt so much better with my full shots but the golf course, I hit a lot of little shots. My little shots are going further. I had no control.

The plan was to stay on the road but we ended up flying home after San Francisco and went and got all my old stuff which, ironically, I put on a bench which I didn't realize it until I walked in the door, I was like I literally benched them.

Q. What was the old and what is -- what was the new and what's the old?
SARAH SMITH: Is that bad? My old, which are back in the bag, are my Ping irons and then Ping hybrids and then TaylorMade driver but actually put a Callaway 3-wood in last week which is really good. That was a nice addition.

Q. So that's what you have in now.
SARAH SMITH: Yeah. That's what was ANA and --

Q. Right. Okay. Is it just a feeling of familiarity, mostly?
SARAH SMITH: I think so. I think it was just the clubs that I had put in, they just went so far and -- which is great but when I hit lot of little shots I wasn't controlling them and I think they would have been amazing but I just -- I rushed putting them in and then I had a few rough weeks and it just wasn't -- it was not the right decision to do in the middle of the season for sure. Just a dumb rookie move 13 years.

Q. There's a serious threat of storms this afternoon. You finished. Lot of players chasing you in the afternoon.
Do you think that could play a factor in terms of they may not finish today, you're already done? How do you feel about that?

SARAH SMITH: I feel pretty good about it. No. Obviously, I don't want it to rain anymore. The course is in awesome shape. We don't want anymore rain. The fact that I'm done is nice and not have to deal with any delays if there are any this afternoon.

Q. Does that affect players when maybe not finishing the 2nd round and got to play the 2nd Round tomorrow morning and do the 3rd round, does that affect you guys at all?
SARAH SMITH: I think sometimes. It depends on how you're playing I suppose. It guess it depends on the course. It might be a little more receptive in the morning tomorrow. They don't play this afternoon when it's a little bit firmer, then maybe it is a good thing to come back in the morning. Just depends on how you like the short lay between finishing and starting again.

Q. How much of a comfort is Duane on the bag?
SARAH SMITH: I don't really know anything different but it's kind of -- I think I would be really uncomfortable with somebody else because to me I feel like I'd be cheating on him because for me it's like I guess an intimate kind of thing, you know, he knows everything that's going on and I think there's been times where we struggled, had like times where it's not going so great on the golf course and maybe I should have somebody else just for a week, just to freshen things up. But I think that it would just be so unfamiliar that I wouldn't enjoy it. So I say behave.

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