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June 1, 2018

Rafa Cabrera Bello

Brescia, Italy

Q. You've added a 67 to yesterday's 65. Give us your thoughts on today's play?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Well, I'm obviously very happy to have backed up yesterday's good round with another solid round of golf. The wind picked up probably for our last nine holes. Made it a bit trickier.

Also I felt the pin positions were a bit tougher today, but overall, I did feel the course was playing fairly similar to yesterday. The greens are soft. The fairways are also a little soft, so you can go pin seeking, and there are birdies out there.

Q. How much do you enjoy this sort of week where you can attack pins?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: It's different. For me, knowing where are the danger parts, it's a really big part of my strategy and here it's kind of like, okay, I mean, it feels like there's not so many dangerous parts, so you can really miss and get up-and-down from almost anywhere.

But I mean, you still have to play smart. I mean, the rough is thick. You can get a bad lie and not be able to recover and you don't want to be making many bogeys.

Q. Let's leave the golf for a minute and talk surfing. You've been surfing with Kelly Slater. Tell us about that.
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Yeah, it was an amazing experience. I got invited by Kelly to visit the surf ranch, which is in my opinion the best man-made wave ever. It in the middle of nowhere in Lemoore, California. Adam Scott and another friend and myself, we got to enjoy, we got to see the beach swimming pool all for ourselves, and Kelly was there and he was surfing with us. It was just amazing.

Q. What is your surfing handicap? How many boards do you have?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: I have as many boards as my wife has shoes, so I do collect boards. I don't know, I mean, I'm around a 15 handicap, so nothing great. But I do have fun.

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