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June 1, 2018

Graeme McDowell

Brescia, Italy

Q. Yesterday, I come out, and five holes didn't look like the Graeme McDowell that we know, and then all of a sudden, we had a rain delay and you managed to get it back in the red. How did you turn it around?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Funny enough, the rain delay was needed yesterday. I didn't really have much rhythm on the first nine holes. Didn't drive it well, which is not me, on a golf course like this where I get a lot of drivers in my hand, I typically can use it as a weapon, and both days I haven't driven it well.

Today I didn't play well again. Really getting the ball around with some really good iron play and some good scrambling, you know, and feeling good on the greens.

I know I can get the ball back in the fairway from here, and you know, to be in this position through two rounds, having not played well, is obviously pleasing.

Q. Continental Europe, golf courses that really do suit you. You've won an Italian Open before. What can you drag off success here in Italy coming here this year?
GRAEME McDOWELL: I think just coming here, having a little confidence. Looking around, knowing I'm one of the more experienced players in the field. Knowing that my best golf can compete here, and like you say, having played well on this type of golf courses in the past; change of scenery from the PGA TOUR, just feeling comfortable among guys I know well here and environments that bring back the old memories.

It's fun out there. Like I say, happy to be in the position that I'm in having not played very well at all, and I know with a little bit of improvement this afternoon and some rest, I can go and compete this weekend.

Q. Bit up-and-down till the 11th hole yesterday but you've not dropped a shot since then.
GRAEME McDOWELL: It was a timely rain delay for me yesterday, I have to be honest with you, because I didn't play well the first 11 holes. First ten holes, I managed to birdie my 10th hole and we get called in.

Kind of sat down in the rain delay, just got some water on board, just reset a little bit, had a decent warmup and went out and played really well the last eight holes.

Wish I could say I came out of the gates this morning and played well again, because I didn't. Didn't strike the ball well this morning. Didn't hit it in the fairways when I needed to, but thankfully when I do get a look at an iron play my hand, my iron play is great and chipping and putting is really nice, as well. Really pleased to be 10-under par through those two rounds, having not played well and looking forward to this rest this afternoon, a little practice and get ready to go this weekend.

Q. Is this the kind of golf course you'd like to play? Is this an enjoyable golf force for you to play?
GRAEME McDOWELL: It is. I like courses that offer up the opportunities that this one does if you play well. There's enough grass off the fairways to punish the guys who are not fitting fairways.

Yeah, this golf course is my kind of style. I like the way I feel on the greens, which to me is really, really important going into this weekend that I feel that I'm putting as well as I am, because you have to putt well in these conditions to make some birdies.

Q. Obviously Rolex Series last year, your best performance was in Scotland. How nice to get a good result in these big events on The European Tour?
GRAEME McDOWELL: The European Tour have done a phenomenal job with the Rolex Series. Last week at Wentworth was a fantastic week at BMW PGA, and I'd dearly love to compete in these Rolex Series Events, if not win one. It would do a lot for me, would do a lot for my summer, a lot for my Ryder Cup bid and a lot for my confidence in general.

My head will be down this weekend and I will be grinding really hard. There's a lot of really great players in this field. I'll have to play well to win.

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