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June 1, 2018

Haotong Li

Brescia, Italy

Q. A brilliant round of 65. What was the secret to your success out there?
HAOTONG LI: I putted very well on the course, and I had a couple holes where I made a mistake, wrong club.

Q. You closed out with four birdies in a row. Does it feel like the sort of golf course, the way it's presented, that you have to try it stay patient?
HAOTONG LI: Yes, for sure, because these greens, even slow, but quite smooth. So as soon as you hit on point, will be okay.

Q. After the epic victory in Dubai earlier on this year, it's been quieter since. What in your game is really starting to fire again for you?
HAOTONG LI: Just been struggling on the putting stroke a lot and been working on that a lot from the last couple months.

My caddie just bought a perfect putting machine thing, and that's been helping a lot, with the tee on the ground and help my stroke.

Q. You started well with a 68 yesterday and you got even better today shooting a round of 65. Give us your thoughts.
HAOTONG LI: Especially putting really well now, and game's been solid the whole day.

Q. Four birdies in a row to finish. Nice to get a good run together?
HAOTONG LI: Yes, for sure. It's very good for the weekend. Looking forward.

Q. After your victory in Dubai -- are you hitting the ball as well?
HAOTONG LI: I think long game has been all right but short game and putting been very struggling, so glad to see again putts go in and be in this position.

Q. Have you changed anything about the putting?
HAOTONG LI: Well, yes, I've been change four putters since Dubai. Hopefully found a comfortable one and continue.

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