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June 1, 2018

Robert Rock

Brescia, Italy

Q. Let's just start, first of all with the caddie story. We mentioned it yesterday but you have Sam Walker, good mate of yours on the bag, played on The European Tour quite a lot. How's the relationship going this week?
ROBERT ROCK: It's going great, actually. It's been fantastic, really. It's good fun. It's nice company. We had a good laugh all the way around. He even, after triple bogeying the 12th, he somehow made that funny, which kind of helps.

Q. You're on the back nine, so 12 is only your third of the day and something like that happens on the back of a brilliant first round, what do you do to turn it around?
ROBERT ROCK: All sorts of things are running through your mind at first. Seemed like it was going to be a tough day, pretty windy, and you're facing some hard shots after that. You've got doubts of what you've done.

I was happy to par the next hole and then make the birdie sort of early afterwards and kind of settled me back into it. I thought, I'm still playing ago, just plod along, maybe it's not going to be as good as yesterday but hopefully you can stay in touch.

Q. Obviously you do a lot of coaching these days, as well. How has that helped your game? Is it a positive thing for you?
ROBERT ROCK: I think it can be. It makes me -- obviously I'm looking closely at other people's golf and it makes me think a little bit more, and maybe I catch some more things that I might miss myself, because you're going to be really brutally honest when you're coaching yourself, as well. It's easy to gloss over a few things sometimes, but might give you an easier time if you go, okay, I'll just carry on.

Looking at other people's golf keeps your mind sharp.

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