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May 31, 2018

Hideki Matsuyama

Dublin, Ohio

Q. What did you hit into 17?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I hit a gap wedge from about 130.

Q. Can you talk about what you found at the Nelson and rounds of 63, 66. What you found there and how you were able to implement it?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Yeah, I had some good rounds there at Nelson and had some momentum coming into my off week, had a real good week of practice back home, came here, and I couldn't find it again. But this morning I had a good warm-up session and as the round went along I played better and better.

Q. Has it been frustrating at all this last month and a half since returning from the injury when the results haven't been there? And conversely how pleasing was this?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: It has been frustrating. In the past even if I wasn't playing well, the results were, I could still get it around, get it in the hole. So the last couple of months have been trying. I'm just really glad that I was able to play well today and post a good score at the start.

Q. In 2015 you were coming in as obviously the defending champ and you came in on that Thursday as co-leader. Things, of course, didn't finish out maybe the way you would have liked in that tournament, but coming in here today in the same position, how are you going to approach tomorrow as far as trying to follow up with this?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Yeah, in 2015 that was really unusual to be in the same position. I played well then, I played well today. Hopefully we can have a little different outcome at the end of the tournament. But again, I'm just really pleased that I was able to play as well as I did today.

Q. You're co-leading with a 19-year-old. Do you even remember what it's like to be 19? For you, you're 26.
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Anybody that can shoot 7-under, they are just free-wheeling it.

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