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May 31, 2018

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Brescia, Italy

Q. 66. Question is: Are you happy with that?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I guess so. It is a good start. The golf course was out there for the taking this morning. It was really, really soft, and the greens are sort of rolling quite nice.

Got off to a quick start, and then just sort of couldn't really keep it going. Just hitting it great tee-to-green, bar a couple of shots, and just couldn't really make any putts of any length, really. But yeah, so it's a positive start.

Q. Following you around, I thought you might have left a few out there. Do you have to adopt a different mind-set when you come to a course that's so soft overnight and you have preferred lies and be more aggressive?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I think you've got to. I think you don't really know what you've sort of got in front of you until you're out there, and when you see how soft it's playing, then you can really just go at every flag. Even if you've got four right of it, you feel if you've pitched it four right, if it's going to stop there.

Q. This golf course, is it one you played in practise and thought you really fancied it around here? Is it one of those courses for you?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I wouldn't say I really fancied it. I thought it would suit me. Got to be good off the tee. Even though it's soft, if you do miss the fairways, it's still difficult to get at the flag -- probably easier than most, but you've still got to hit it well off the tee and I think that's the key around here.

Q. You're living in the States now, going home for the U.S. Open and coming back for four. How are you managing your time? Have you planned your schedule and going to stick to it or see how things go?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Hopefully sort of play well this week, France, Irish, just any of them, really, U.S. Open. Hopefully I can have a good week, one of them, a really good one, and maybe take one of the four off. Before you know it, they sort of add up on you. I think from the start of Wentworth, I'll be playing nine events of the next 12, so that's pretty intense.

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