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May 31, 2018

Matt Wallace

Brescia, Italy

Q. Fantastic start for you, ideal way to get the Rolex Series off and running?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, played nice. Could have been a bit better.

Q. What stands out most for you about the birdies?
MATT WALLACE: Well, getting better from last week. My iron play was awful last week, really, for the standard -- well, not even just for my standards, they weren't very good.

So I worked on that this week and hit some really nice shots today.

Q. You had a couple of missed cuts and then tied third and tied second. Is it just the hangover of the win, or can you explain just that sort of change, and then back into the confident, positive mode again?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I didn't prepare well for Spain. That's my own fault. The weather at home wasn't very good, so I should have got away and done it that way.

I rocked up to Spain probably unprepared, which I gave myself a kick up the backside for. Went to Morocco playing with Thomas Björn and Danny Willett, and I tried to maybe impress them too much, so that was my mistake again.

I spoke to Thomas about this and he said, "Listen, you've got to play your own game. I was playing with you for a reason; you've got to play your own game." So I went to China and did that and played really nice, and back on that roll. Much happier today than last week.

Q. Must be nice to get those kind of comments from the captain in a Ryder Cup, as well.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, and playing with two vice captains today, as well. Kind of a dream come true, really, at the moment. Good golf kind of let's you do that, which is great. Long may it continue.

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