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May 31, 2018

Robert Rock

Brescia, Italy

Q. The round started 1-over par through three and ended up 8-under?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, no real surprise to bogey -- I did well to bogey the second. I had two terrible tee shots, provisional was in the water, as well, so got away with a bogey there and felt very lucky. Then on a run after that, all 3s and 2s for nine holes, which I don't think I've ever done that. Good day.

Have my friend Sam Walker on the bag this week.

Q. How did that come about?
ROBERT ROCK: I decided to finish with Roachy last week and then Sam is injured, actually, so he's not playing. So he said, I'll fill in for you for a week if you want. So he came out Wednesday morning. I did a bit of practise on my own, Monday, Tuesday, and it's his first day.

Q. You won your first European Tour title in The Italian Open. Is there still a feel good factor even though we're not on the same course?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's nice to come to a tournament that's got a lot of history to it and nice to see your name on the board somewhere. Means a lot. Ten years to win my first event, so hopefully I get to play this for a few more years, anyway, but I'll always remember this one best I think.

Q. Some good results for you recently, three or four Top-20s in your last few starts. How is the game feeling?
ROBERT ROCK: Game's good. I played well last week and finished badly, 20th.

Q. What about the coaching/playing balance, how do you work that out?
ROBERT ROCK: It's probably a little more difficult -- I have more work to do myself but generally I do all right. We float on nicely from Wentworth to here, so I was here Monday morning. So I could do my work before Matt got here and spent Tuesday with him. It's worked fine, so far.

Q. Double bubble, winning your own money and getting paid a fee, as well?
ROBERT ROCK: You know how that feels, don't you.

Q. Fantastic round in the end.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I had a provisional ball off the second tee, both were in trouble and casual water saved me with the first one, turned into a bogey, and then nine holes I think in possibly 26 shots, which I've not done before.

So any time you do something like that, you feel a bit lucky, and managed to progress on after that and make a couple more birdies and we end up at 8-under.

Q. What's the main thing you need to do well to shoot well around here?
ROBERT ROCK: Well, the course is soft and fairways are playing a bit wider because it's just landing and stopping, and on the greens you have to hole some putts. I holed some nice -- sort of the usual, solid birdie putts and holed a couple of bonus ones, as well, so that was pretty cool.

Q. You won your first European Tour event here in Italy. Must be nice to come back to this event.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it is, because you remember your first win more than anything, and for me, it took so long to get the first win, so it's special.

But you also see the same people when you come back to a tournament and your name's on the trophy and the boards flying around. As I've only won two, I don't get to experience that very much. It's always good to see, just a reminder that you have done something good somewhere down the line.

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