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November 9, 2002

Colin Montgomerie


GORDON SIMPSON: Colin, you're four behind going into the day and you actually caught Angel and going into the last round just one behind. Not a bad situation, really.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You know, fine. Four behind at the start of the day, as long as I sort of don't lose any more ground, and I didn't, and that was fine.

So I'm right in the position I want to be, in contention Saturday night. That's the goal at the start of every tournament, and I've achieved that and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

GORDON SIMPSON: That putt was unlucky at last.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It was in -- actually, it wasn't/, I missed.

GORDON SIMPSON: Overall, you did what you said.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, I got a couple of birdies and put pressure, on and that's exactly what I wanted to do. And I'll try to do the same tomorrow.

I'm putting okay. You just need a bit of fortune out here, and I'm getting it so for far. So we just keep going, you know.

Q. Do these conditions put pressure on making par?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Every shot is a challenge. Every shot is a potential disaster. You can't relax and it's tiring.

But that's what we should play more of, these type of courses. I know there's not as many as this around, but this is a great golf course and it's good. You know, how many people are under par, three? This is what golf -- this, to me, is proper golf. 26-under to me is not proper golf.

This is proper golf to me. I enjoy this a lot more than having to shoot 26-under to win.

GORDON SIMPSON: Did you feel that this was going to be the case today, seeing conditions the way they were?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: There was a dozen or so people under and there were fewer today and there won't be many tomorrow either. This is the way the course plays. It's good. It's like a U.S. Open style golf course. I tend to do quite well in these tournaments, so I'm enjoying it, yeah.

Q. Playing in the most difficult conditions you've faced since Muirfield?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No. This was as difficult as that day in that American Express tournament when it got crazy, I don't know what that was. It was actually more difficult there, I believe.

This was a breeze, but it never really got into a strong wind; and it was playable, but only just. It was very, very difficult. Every shot was -- you're seeing the ball in the air, is it good, is it not -- very difficult.

Q. Spectator on the 16th got a memento.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, the marshal got a memento. 16, yeah. He did too much.

Q. You're in the last group, which is what you wanted.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Of course it is.

Q. Was that why you say you wanted to hole the putt on the 18th?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Not particularly, no. You always want to hole it to get back to level for par for the day, which would be a good effort. At the same time, you're in the last group, you're one behind somebody that I've never played with before. And we'll see. He's obviously doing very well and we'll see what happens.

There's a lot of people just at 1-over that might -- my good friend, Langer is 1-over. Garcia has come back very well after that 9 at the fourth and he came back well.

So, no, it will be interesting. It's not all cut and dry yet. No, no, this is a long way to go and I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. It will be good. Last group.

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