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May 28, 2018

Steve Kerr

Houston, Texas: Game Seven

Q. This is the third Game 7 for these key players with you as their head coach. What is the difference that you see in them as you prepare for this one?
STEVE KERR: I think just when you experience it a few times, you kind of aren't ready for the emotion of it, the finality of it, one way or the other. So the game takes on a little different feel from the first six.

I think it's important for our guys to have gone through that and felt it and you just get a little more comfortable.

Q. So Chris Paul is out tonight. How different are the Rockets this year without him?
STEVE KERR: Well, he's one of the best players in the league, so you take him away from them and it's a huge loss for them. That doesn't mean they're not capable. They've got great players. Eric Gordon's had a great series, they've got other guys that can step up and score.

But it's a big loss. That's part of the playoffs, unfortunately, for a lot of teams. We're still without Andre [Iguodala], which is a big blow for us. In a different way. He's not a scorer for us as Chris is for Houston, but a huge component.

So you go through the playoffs and things happen, and you've got to be able to bounce back no matter what and keep going.

Q. Someone who has coached in Game 7s and played in Game 7s, what are those first few minutes like energy-wise inside the arena, and how do you weather that initial sort of awareness of Game 7?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, it's pretty frenetic out there the first few minutes. I think everybody's got butterflies. But once the players kind of settle in, it gets easier. I'm confident that, as I mentioned earlier with our experience, our core guys have been through this a few times, and I think that will be helpful to allow us to get on track quicker.

Q. Any idea of how long Iguodala could be out?
STEVE KERR: No idea. No idea. I mean, it's been day to day since Game 3. So that's just not an easy injury to predict in terms of recovery.

Q. You've mentioned in the past how important Draymond [Green] is in terms of the team's overall energy and aggression and so forth. In a Game 7, do you have to pull him back a little bit or just let Draymond be Draymond?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, you think I can pull him back? You think I'm capable of that? Remember last Game 7, he had one of the great Game 7s in NBA history, so I'm not too worried about him.

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