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May 26, 2005

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Turned that one around quite nicely.

THOMAS BJORN: The first seven holes, they were very tricky and it was difficult to get the hang of the wind, and had a couple loose iron shots. I actually thought I hit a good shot on 5 and made a double there from nowhere.

Then it also becomes a little bit you're 3 over and you're trying to just hang in and do the best you can to get it around. The good thing about Wentworth is you know that you can keep sticking in. I mean, the last two holes, you have a few opportunities to get the round back, but I hit some really nice shots and I couldn't really get the putter I mean, get the putter hot today. In general, it was a nice turnaround.

Q. The front nine you mentioned, the scores are showing significantly harder than the back nine?

THOMAS BJORN: The first seven holes are very tricky, so you've got 1 and 3 playing in off the left and it's so demanding holes. Then you get out there on 5, you can't really feel the wind in there, and then 7 is such a difficult second shot. It's just difficult because it swirls so much. The thing about this golf course is that, I mean, there's no two holes in the same direction. So you don't ever get that feeling of, you know exactly where the wind is. It just keeps changing. I mean, if you play 17 and 18, most people will think they are in the same direction, and the second shots are almost opposite direction. You know, that's things you don't really think about.

So it's difficult to get the wind back today and that was just you know, it's firm, it's a little bit bouncy here and there, and the rough is much thicker than it's ever been in patches. You can get some horrific lies out there. The whole thing makes it a little bit more tricky and if you're not completely on your game, you're going to make some bogeys.

Q. So overall, the 72?


Q. Even better then.

THOMAS BJORN: I'm pleased.

Q. Can you just give us the details on those ones, as well?

THOMAS BJORN: I hit a 5 iron on 5 in the left hand bunker out to six feet and 3 putted.

Then on 7, I hit a rescue and an 8 iron just over the green and chipped it to ten feet and missed it.

On 8, I hit 3 iron, wedge to about 40 feet.

13, I hit driver, wedge to six feet.

15, I hit 3 wood, wedge to five feet.

17, I hit driver, 5 iron, sand iron to 15 feet.

End of FastScripts.

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