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May 26, 2018

James Harden

Oakland, California: Game Six

Warriors - 115, Rockets - 86

Q. You guys started so well in that game, up 35-22, 61-51 at the half. What happened overall in the second half?
JAMES HARDEN: Defensively we just had a lot of miscommunication. As you said, the first quarter we did a really good job communicating, going in, guarding threes, contesting everything, and making everything difficult.

Then in the second, especially in the third quarter, we come out and we were a little bit on the run, but it was just miscommunication, turnovers, things like that.

So things that we can control that we do all series. Allowing them to get off in transition and layups and easy threes.

Q. With or without Chris [Paul], what kind of confidence do you have going into Game 7? As a leader of that team, what will your message be to your teammates?
JAMES HARDEN: I mean, if you asked us when we were in the Bahamas this summer, this team together, you know, Western Conference Finals, Game 7 to go to The Finals against the Warriors, we'll take that.

So nothing changes for us. We know what we have to do. Obviously, it's going to be defensively, and just too many miscommunications. We gave [Stephen] Curry, one or two threes in the third quarter, but we can't have that. We're a confident group, and we've just got one chance.

Q. James, can you talk about going back to that city, the opportunity to win there? Chris hasn't been to The Finals. Just talk about the pressure, but also the opportunity as well?
JAMES HARDEN: There's no pressure. It's an opportunity, an opportunity that we all are excited to be a part of. Game 7 at our house, that's what we've worked the entire regular season for to get home-court advantage. So we're going to come out and be ready.

Q. Just curious, with the short rotation tonight, you guys came out with such a high energy and high pace, the crackling movement of the ball. How difficult was it to summon up that energy in the half?
JAMES HARDEN: It's not difficult. We've got an opportunity to go to The Finals. It's not difficult. We've just got to go out there and do it in the games that we want and do it for four quarters. It looks good. We had a lot of opportunities, missed shots and missed layups, but that's not what's going to get us there. Defensively we've got to be in tune and engaged for 48 minutes. When we win, that's what happens. When we don't, this is what happens, so we're good.

Q. Did you get tired in the second half?

Q. I don't know if you're aware, but there were 10,000 of your fans inside the Toyota Center tonight watching you guys on the big screen? What do you say to those fans and the fans that are going to be in that building for Game 7 to support the team? What do you say to them?
JAMES HARDEN: I don't need to say anything. They're gonna bring it. We've got a whole city behind us, and they're as loyal as they come. Game 7 in H-Town let's get it.

Q. You had nine free throw attempts in the first half, and you didn't have any in the second half. Was there a difference in the way they were playing you?
JAMES HARDEN: No, I was going to the basket. Just it will be like that sometimes, but that won't change. I'm going to continuing to go to the basket, continue to try to finish strong and we'll see what happens.

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