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May 26, 2018

Jon Rahm

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. Jon, good round today. 6-under after ten holes. Thought on how you played.
JON RAHM: Man, probably the best ten holes I've played so far this year. It was an amazing performance.

Front nine I felt like I didn't miss a shot, and when I got out of position I was able to fix it and sometimes make the putts.

Too bad on that second shot on 11. You know, it's just a tough hole. It's a tough second shot try to hit the green. I didn't want to bail out left; I wanted to be aggressive. I made the only poor swing of the day, to be honest.

After that I kept hitting good shots. Once the wind picks up a little the back nine gets a little tense, but overall it's an amazing score. Hopefully the leaders don't make too many birdies today and I have a chance tomorrow.

Q. At 12 and 13 I thought you had two birdie putts there, one I think lipped out, and the one at 13 had a lot of speed on it, the par-3, and that almost went in.
JON RAHM: Yeah, 12 I thought I made it, to be honest many. One of the best putts I hit today. Just stopped breaking and it just grazed the edge.

Then the on 13, it did have a little bit of speed but it was pretty close to the center. At the end it just turned left and got the hard lip out.

It is what it is. I think the only complaints I could have today was the second shot on 14. It's a pretty easy wedge shot. I don't know what happened where I didn't foresee the wind or the lie or something, and ended up going 15 yards wrong on a 90-yard wedge shot.

I mean, only poor shot on 11. These things happen. Sometimes you miss a 3-wood. Any time you go around this place with one poor shot the whole day, I think it's a pretty, pretty success day.

Q. Your thoughts on tomorrow. You're at 8-under right now. Don't know where Justin is going to be. He's lighting it up early. What do you have to do tomorrow?
JON RAHM: He started with two birdies I know; I don't know what he made on 3.

Q. Birdie.
JON RAHM: He birdied 3? Yeah, it's not over. There are a lot of holes to be played. Hopefully in my case I hope it happens like yesterday and the wind picks up a little bit in the afternoon.

It's not like it's the easiest pins out there. 1, 2, and 3 are pretty gettable; starting on 4 it's not the easiest. I mean, 5 is tucked in; 6 is tucked in; 7 is tucked in; 8 is tucked in; 9 is tucked in. I mean, those pins are not easy.

I was able to make some putts, so hopefully Justin stops making putts, stops making birdies, and gives the rest of us a chance tomorrow.

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