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October 26, 1996

Vijay Singh


Q. What's the most frustrating aspect of the course for you here? I'm doing a story on the frustration the course out here. What's the most frustrating for you the wind?

VIJAY SINGH: I think every hole is difficult. There's no hole out there that lets up. You've got to be on your toes every single hole, except for 13; that you can hit a bad drive and still make a par, sort of. Every other hole is you've got to hit a good drive and a good second shot, and even on the greens it's pretty difficult. I think that's the most frustrating part.

Q. Vijay, does it sort of remind you of the '94 PGA when Nick was doing what he was doing to this course?

VIJAY SINGH: I tell you what, it was fun watching Tom today. We both started off with a birdie and then I made double on second, and he kind of took off from there on. Even when he did hit a bad shot, he hit a good second. Like I said, yesterday he was hitting everything good. He was doing everything correct and was putting great. He made some pretty good-sized putts today, and he hit a lot close. I don't think there's much chance of us to catch him if he keeps playing the way he's doing. I don't know what the weather forecast is; that's the only hope we've got left. Even then we have to play good golf in the bad weather. So it's going to be a battle.

Q. Vijay, you said recently you always go out on Sunday thinking of winning the match no matter how far back you are. What score do you think you might make?

VIJAY SINGH: I've got to go home and think about that one. But it's -- I don't know what the weather is tomorrow. We've got to deal with that first. If it's like today, obviously Tom is going to play good. And I just have to go out there and try and make as many birdies as I can. For me to win tomorrow I've got to shoot a 62 over here - no more - and hopefully Tom doesn't play like he did today. But I don't know, to go out there and have a score in your mind is one; shooting it is the other. On a golf course like this, you don't know what's going to happen. My goal tomorrow is to go out there and play solid and make as many birdies and less mistakes as I can and see how I finish.

Q. What are you thinking about when you're sitting there playing good golf and he's just rolling it up?

VIJAY SINGH: There's nothing you can do, really. He's playing pretty good; that's all there is to it. And for the score he shot today, it's remarkable that he could have been one or two - more, less - if he missed a few short points out there. But it was good to be in his company when he shot that. To watch somebody do everything like he did was great. When he did miss the green, he either hold it or hit it stiff. So my goal out there tomorrow will be to see if I can get as close to Tom as I can early on. And if I can do that, fine, but at this stage I think I'm going for second place.

Q. Were the greens sticking or are they hard?

VIJAY SINGH: No, they're pretty good. They're pretty much the same as they did the first two days. I think it rained a little bit last night and softened things up.

Q. Vijay, at this point who gets your vote for TOUR Player-of-the-Year? Have you given any thought to that?

VIJAY SINGH: I haven't really. There's a few guys that are in line for that. If Tom wins tomorrow, he's got a very good chance of getting it, winning the British Open is a big fate. But he won a few tournaments, and you can't take that away from him. I think those are the only guys that have a good shot at it. If Tom wins tomorrow, I'm sure he should be the one to get it. I don't know who to pick. Give it to both of them.

Q. Vijay, would a dominant performance, could that sway votes an a course like this?

VIJAY SINGH: It's not a one -- it's Player-of-the-Year, not Player-of-the-Week. It's the whole year. And Phil has played pretty good all year, and so did Tom. It's a toss up.

Q. Do you put any consideration into the Vardon Trophy when you weigh these two guys? Tom wins the Vardon Trophy?

VIJAY SINGH: No, I think it's a totally different award right there. I don't know who's leading the Vardon Trophy. Is Tom leading the Vardon Trophy? Maybe Phil should get the other one.

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