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May 25, 2018

Joe Durant

Benton Harbor, Michigan

JOE DURANT: I played steady today. One bogey which was a 3-putt. I hit in a bad spot on the 12th green and had a really tough 2-putt and didn't get away with a 2-putt to make bogey. But other than that I played real solid. Missed a few coming in that I could have made. But pretty happy with how I played so far.

Q. Talk about the course conditions, seemed like the course was a little tougher this afternoon than this morning?
JOE DURANT: Yeah, it drys out a little bit so you get a little more roll around the greens. And if you hit some shots into the greens that aren't precise you can get some funny areas. I think that's the challenge of the golf course. For the most part the fairways are pretty wide, but it really narrows as you go in. The green complexes, with as much movement as they have, you got to be in the right spot, it's really easy to 3-putt.

Q. Talk about the quadrants. Jack likes to have four quadrants on most of his golf courses on the greens.
JOE DURANT: Yeah, that's what's going on here. You got greens within greens. Several greens, if you hit it in the wrong spot, you hit a pretty poor spot. But there were a few times where, based upon the positions you can catch the ridge the wrong way and have your self a real difficult 2-putt.

Q. What's it going to take to stay in contention over the next couple days?
JOE DURANT: Just play solidly, keep hitting fairways and greens and try to put the ball in the right quadrants. And if you do that, you have some good looks at birdie putts. But if you get on the wrong side of it it's easy to struggle with the greens. So that's my goal, just hit some good iron shots.

Q. You played really well last week, had a chance to win at a major, how does it feel to be heading to the weekend with a chance again to win a major?
JOE DURANT: It feels good. I just wanted to carry over from last week, I didn't want to take last week for granted, I wanted to come in here and play well also. And so far I've stuck to my game plan, I hit some good shots, I need to make a few more putts to have a chance this weekend.

Q. Do you feel like that's the next step in your career, given the way you played lately?
JOE DURANT: I hope so. I would sure love to pick one off. That was one of my goals to contend to win one of the majors out here. I had a good shot last week, didn't quite get through, but I'm just going to keep plugging.

Q. You have some experience here in contention. You were the first round leader in 2014. Can you draw on any of that experience?
JOE DURANT: Oh, absolutely, you try to. You try to take past good experiences and try to forget the bad ones. That was a real roller coaster of a week though, I think I shot 65, 75, 74, 64. I mean and that kind of shows you how the golf course can play. If you get on the good side of it, you can shoot a low one. If you get on the wrong side of it, it's easy to shoot a couple over.

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