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May 25, 2018

Danny Hall

Tristin English

Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina - 9, Georgia Tech - 0

DANNY HALL: You know, just a tough day for us, quite honestly. Connor Thomas, who's been a horse for us all year, just -- to their credit, they kind of started the game with back-to-back doubles, a couple runs, put us in the hole, but then the two home runs with some guys on were kind of killers.

And then the arms and pitchers that they ran at us just really kept us off balance the whole day. It was hard for us to kind of get anything going in an inning to where we would have a chance to get back into it. That's really the story of the game.

Q. Tristin, what did Dalatri have today? What was so successful for him?
TRISTIN ENGLISH: He messed with timing, which is big as a hitter, and then four pitches he could really throw whenever he wanted to and wherever he wanted to. He didn't miss over the plate very often, and as a pitcher if you don't miss over the plate very often, you're going to be pretty successful.

Q. Tristin, just talk a little bit about missing all of last year, from Tommy John and then coming back and the way you kind of finished the season strong pitching, but more importantly what it meant to get back on the field with your team.
TRISTIN ENGLISH: It was huge for me. Obviously taking off an entire year is pretty tough, having to kind of watch our team struggle, being really young, and then this year, still really young. Got a lot to look forward to next year. And then starting off the season, kind of just straight off Tommy John and rolling into the season. I kind of felt stronger as the season went on, and then about halfway through, hit a little struggle point, gave me a week off, and I feel like I came back pretty strong, and hopefully build going into next year.

Q. I've been asking a lot of coaches about the format. You had the unique format of losing and really being eliminated from the weekend on Tuesday and having to wait around several more days to play a game. What are your feelings? Some of the coaches, a lot of the coaches really liked the format and some say it needs to be changed. What are your thoughts?
DANNY HALL: I probably don't even want to really comment on it. We've talked about it a lot in our head coaches' meetings that we have every September, and we all kind of agreed on this format. It makes it tough in our situation this year and that you play the first game of the tournament and you lose, and you know after one game that you're out of this tournament, and then we don't play again until Friday. So I think that's -- it's tough on the players, I believe, when you're in that situation. There's teams that are eliminated before some teams even play a game, and I think it's tough. But we've talked about a lot of scenarios and trying to figure out what is best for our league, and this is the one that we came up with that we felt like this was best. But that's probably all I need to say. I mean, we all voted on it as coaches and talked about it, and we felt like this was the best. But it is tough because there's a lot of meaningless games.

Q. Just talk a little bit about the season as a whole in terms of top 11, 12, strength of schedule, played a lot of ranked teams, and then obviously in the conference and the RPI. Talk about facing that with a very young team and really only playing with a couple of seniors and juniors throughout the season.
DANNY HALL: Well, I thought we battled. I do think we played one of the toughest schedules. I think we looked at the top eight teams here, and the only team we didn't play in the top eight was Louisville. Clemson was on the road, North Carolina was on the road, North Carolina State. I think they were the top three teams. I feel like our schedule was really tough. Then just out of conference we played Georgia three times, Auburn twice. I think both those teams are top 15 in RPI. Opening weekend at home we had Connecticut and Minnesota, and Minnesota is going to probably -- they won the Big Ten outright regular season. Connecticut I know is probably an NCAA tournament team. I feel like we've played a great schedule, which we play every year.

We play in one of the best leagues in the country and didn't win as many games as we would like to have won, but in saying that, I do feel like we have a good team even though we didn't look quite like that today.

Q. Just an uncharacteristic year last year, you guys bounced back, kind of got back to where you wanted to go, kind of going in the right direction again, like Tristin mention, a lot of youth. Obviously with Wade Bailey and more than likely Joey Bart playing their last games for the Yellow Jackets, who do you kind of rely on as the youth continues to come through as we go forward?
DANNY HALL: Well, the guy right next to me is one of the best players in the conference. He's played two seasons in the league. He's been first-team all-ACC both years. Losing Wade and Joey, Wade has been a warrior in our league for four years. He's been an all-conference player. He's been an all-American. He plays every day.

Joey Bart will be one of the first guys off the board in the draft. You don't replace Joey Bart. But we do feel like we have a great nucleus coming back. We have our entire pitching staff coming back, and we feel like we have some good recruits coming. I think we're going in the right direction. We're definitely -- I want to be where North Carolina is right now or a Clemson, where you're winning the league and you've got 40 wins and you have a chance to be a top-8 national seed, a chance to host and keep playing. That's the goal. That's where we want to be.

We're not there yet, but I do think we're going in the right direction.

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