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May 24, 2018

Draymond Green

Houston, Texas: Game Five

Rockets - 98, Warriors - 94

Q. You guys had 14 assists last game, I think only 18 tonight. How have they dragged you into this type of offensive game, and how do you guys kind of try to bust out and get back to your game?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think, you know, tonight, I think we moved the ball better than we have. I think we figured something out on the offensive end tonight, which will be good for us -- good moving forward in this series.

But we've just got to continue to play our game. They're playing that solid defense for a reason. Like I said, I think we got to more of what we want to get to tonight as opposed to the previous games.

Q. Draymond, with the kind of offenses that both these teams have, can you just talk about the defense, and how it's kind of been a defensive battle the past two games?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, I think both teams played really good defense the past two games, and that's a true stat, it's the time of year they know what we're doing, we know what they're doing, you've just got to make plays.

The last two games down the stretch they've been able to make a couple more plays than us. That's why they've been able to come out with the wins. But we're right where we need to be as far as giving ourselves a chance to win the game, and we'll pull through.

Q. What was supposed to happen on that final possession, and how did it get away from you?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We were supposed to score (laughing). I lost the ball. There's kind of not much more to it than that. We wanted to get the ball to Steph. We got the ball to Steph, and he hit it ahead to me and I fumbled the ball. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q. Harden missed all 11 three-point shots. So much was on Chris Paul, and he was able to draw bigs on him in isolation all game long. Didn't matter who Steve put in, he kept drawing that guy and hitting shots. What did you make of his ability to hit shots late in the clock in isolation?
DRAYMOND GREEN: He made some tough shots.

You've got to give him a lot of credit. He got the isos. We were good with the defense that our guys played on them. He just made tough shots in key moments. Kept them where they were struggling offensively. He kind of carried them and kept them afloat.

So you've got to give him some credit. Nonetheless, he shot 6-for-19. It was just a big six. So it's fine. I think we continue to play that same defense, try to make them take tough shots as we did. You've got to live with the results.

Q. He limped off the floor at the end. He's got a right hamstring injury. If he can't go for the rest of the series, how does that change it?
DRAYMOND GREEN: That's not our focus. We've got to prepare like he's going to play. He's a great player, right in the middle of everything they do. We're not going to come out or go back home and say, oh, man, Chris Paul ain't playing. Like that's their focus and not ours. Ours is to prepare as if he's playing. If he's not, then, you know, we've got to make an adjustment. But I'd rather adjust to him not playing as opposed to trying to adjust to him playing.

Q. You guys have been in situations in the past where you guys have faced elimination. Do you find confidence in that? Or is it the confidence coming from what you're seeing on the court, like you said, the defense, the improved ball movement? Where exactly is this confidence, down 3-2, coming from?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I just think that's who we are. We know what we're capable of. We know we can win two games. Obviously, I think, a sense of you've been there before is always a good feeling. You know what it takes. Then with what we've put out there on the floor the last two games, it could have easily been two wins.

So we understand that. We know the things that we can improve on and will improve on those things.

Q. Steph and Klay were both scoreless in the first quarter. They seemed to kind of find their touch in the middle of the game. When they did, how much did you feel like the ship had been righted, and Steph's shot near the end, that bank shot, what did you see on that play? Looked like he had a decent look for him?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Great look. I'll live with that look any day. Like you said, both those guys were able to find their shots. As the game got further along, that's great for us moving forward.

But that's never a worry of whether those guys are going to find their shots or not. We're going to live and die with them taking the shots that they take. I've got a lot of confidence in us living rather than dying, so we'll be fine. But those two guys will be fine, as well as they were tonight.

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