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May 24, 2018

Peter Lonard

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Q. Could you just go through the day you had and sort of give a picture of how you handled Harbor Shores?
PETER LONARD: Well it was obviously a pretty nice day. I think we got pretty lucky with the weather, it was perfect conditions. The course is wonderful, greens are fantastic. So I was pretty -- I didn't really make a lot of mistakes, got lucky on one hole, the fifth hole, but I made par there on the par-5, hit it in the hazard there.

So apart from that I played pretty solid tee to green and holed a couple of putts which I think we're supposed to do, I suppose.

Q. There's quite a log jam at the top as you probably saw.
PETER LONARD: Yeah, a lot of good scores. I think -- I was just clicking through all the names in the pro-am and all the players the other night and with the players here that's what you expect, I suppose.

Q. What's the mindset you take into tomorrow knowing that it is a log jam like that and you're right there on top of it?
PETER LONARD: Well I just got to keep going, I suppose. I don't think anyone's going to back off, particularly if the weather stays good. It's perfect scoring conditions. Monday I got here and it was cold, I thought, this is the hardest golf course on earth. But once it warms up, the ball starts going further, it gives you opportunities, you just need to hit it straight and the greens are pure, so you can go low.

Q. Is this what you expected heading into today is being in contention at the top of the leaderboard?
PETER LONARD: Well I was hoping, my last game of golf was three weeks ago in the Wednesday four-ball at the golf club, so I didn't have real high expectations. But once we got off to a decent start I felt pretty good and hopefully we can keep it going.

Q. The key thing obviously on a Nicklaus Course is to be error-free and be smart with your irons. And would you classify that you did fairly well in that department?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, pretty well. I stayed out of trouble, apart from the fifth hole, and historically I probably really enjoy playing all the Nicklaus courses and I was quite happy when I found out this was one of them.

Q. Why the time off? R & R?
PETER LONARD: No, I'm just old. I got news that I was in the tournament, I got very excited and went out and hit a few too many golf balls and my elbow was blown out. So I haven't hit a ball -- yesterday was the first time I played 18 holes since they told me I was in and that was probably two days ago. I was just hoping not to make an idiot of myself and so far so good.

Q. How did the elbow hold up today?
PETER LONARD: Good. Really good. It went really well yesterday so I knew I was going to be all right. It's just a matter of maintaining it for the next couple of days and hopefully getting in position on Sunday.

Q. Any extra pressure being this is a major?
PETER LONARD: Not really. The last time I played was three months ago, so obviously I would rather play every week, there would be less pressure. But no, it's just great to be here, I'm playing pretty good, so I'll just keep throwing my hat in the ring and see what happens.

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