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May 24, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Surrey, England

Q. Round of 2-under par, how pleased are you?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Very. Especially the back nine, it was just more of a waiting game, stay patient.

12 was disappointing not to get up-and-down. You want to pick up shots where you can because it's a really tricky course and you can easily get out of position, so when you get chances, you want to take them. It's easy to feel like you're in range on 18 and kind of made my minds to lay up but it was a horrible lay up but was happy to get that one done.

Q. People would look at your game and the history of this golf course and think, it is built for the West. Does it feel like that, your ball-striking?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Generally my results have been disappointing the last couple of years here. I mean, yeah, I do feel comfortable around the course. There are a few tee shots that are hard to pitch -- seven years on, still feeling like I'm getting used to the course.

Day like today, you just have to keep and going and stay patient because the scoring is never as good as you think it could be. It's playing long and you think there's loads of chances but there really isn't, so you just have to keep that in mind. Just getting used to trying to stay patient out there.

Q. You said before the tournament that the BMW PGA was a kid that you grew up watching, dreaming of winning. How nice is it to be here and as the European No. 1?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's been a while since I played on The European Tour. I know it's been announced as Race to Dubai champion and it was nice to get out on the first tee today. This is one of the events that you want on your resumé. Just once would do; I'd love to have it.

It's our biggest event and I've been looking forward to coming back for a while and great to be back in front of the home crowd. They have always been very good to me and I'm grateful for that. Hopefully at the weekend, I can get myself on late and have the atmosphere that we all love.

My driving wasn't quite as I'd have liked it, particularly in warmup. I hit a left shot and got a way with it on the first. Irons are still so difficult around here. I don't know why it's so difficult to get the clubs right. The wind swirls a little bit -- and it's soft today but it's still hard to get the balls close to the holes. Really tricky and just a good, solid start.

Q. How tough is it when you're preparing for a golf tournament when it's dry and running firm and fast, and you wake up and you've had rain overnight and in the morning?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: You'd definitely rather it that way. You'd rather play it firm and fast and then be soft when you turn up, than having it soft and firm.

Yeah, so today, the conditions were pretty good, especially this morning. You felt like with the greens being that more receptive it kind of opened itself up to a score. Well, the scoring still just doesn't get away around here.

Yeah, it was good today. It was like a nice way to ease your way into the tournament. It wasn't too nasty out there and I'm sure it's going to firm up on the weekend.

Q. Justin Rose said you have one of the best temper amendments on Tour and you're class on and off the golf course. What does that do for a player who is already supremely confident in his game?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: That was very kind of him. I do bribe him every week, though, just to say nice things. It is very kind and kind of the psychology part of the game is something that I really am interested in and I like working hard on.

I think it is definitely something that can separate the top players at some point. So it's nice that he compliments that. There's a lot more to the game than just being calm and smiling, but if I can keep that, that's good. I mean, I enjoy the game and like I say, I kind of do work hard on that part and it's nice that he notices.

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