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May 24, 2018

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Surrey, England

Q. So far there have only been eight birdies on the first, four birdies on the third and two of them for you, so it was a fantastic start on two very difficult holes?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, me and Jamie both think the golf course is playing really long. So to hit 4-iron in on the first and 5-iron in on the third and make two birdies, yeah, it's a great way to start.

Q. Need a little but of luck sometimes, birdie on 12, I think you had a lucky ricochet.
MATT FITZPATRICK: I think we did. Me and Jamie both looked at each other the same; we've got a way with one there. To take the pants a bit was huge, actually.

Q. Short game was good, fantastic chip on 17 and going in the water, making a par save at 18. That must have felt like a birdie?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it obviously wasn't an easy up-and-down itself, so yeah, obviously delighted to play a really good pitch and that's two good pitches in a row, 17, 18, something we've been working on. Even if I have to miss the putt, I think would have been not too disappointed. Showing signs of improvement.

Q. Take into account your last two rounds on this golf course, you played it in 11-under par, is there a feeling that you're getting the measure of this golf course, because it's not a course that you've played that often in this tournament.
MATT FITZPATRICK: No, not really. This is only my third time. Yeah, I think I've been driving it much better. I felt like I drove it a lot better last year, as well. Didn't quite hole as many putts. This year, driving it solid, so hopefully take that into the next three days and sort of build on today.

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