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May 23, 2018

Marc Dull

Chip Brooke

Tequesta, Florida

Q. Obviously I know you said at the speech another runner-up, that probably has to be tough to take after a good run?
MARC DULL: Yeah, yeah, doesn't sit easy. But you know what, the taste of defeat inspires you. You know, you've got to play better. Got to start playing better.

Q. Obviously you ran into a couple kids that were just playing -- I mean, they were, I think, 30 something under par this week.
MARC DULL: Yeah, two years in a row we ran into the same kind of people.

Q. You lost to Frankie and --
MARC DULL: Yeah, what do you do?

CHIP BROOKE: To be that many under par, I mean, I think Cole shot 31 on his own ball on the front, and then Garrett hits driver, 4-iron on a 573-yard hole to two feet. They're just a lot better than we are. I mean, there's no other way to say it. They're 50th in the world and they're 17 --

Q. 18. Still.
CHIP BROOKE: They're phenomenal players. We had a couple putts almost made, and who knows. With two, three holes left, with pressure, you never know, but they beat us today, and we tried as hard as we could.

Q. It's tough for a bunch of working guys to play against kids that that's all they do.
CHIP BROOKE: Yeah, we were talking about that stomaching losing is okay. Giving it away is hard to stomach, but when you get beat, it's okay to get beat.

MARC DULL: Like we had a couple matches this week that had we lost, the drive home would have been --

CHIP BROOKE: Would have tasted sour.

MARC DULL: Because we kind of let a couple guys hang around. Obviously we had an amazing comeback, whenever that was, but today we threw everything we had at them, and they responded.

CHIP BROOKE: Right, we got beat.

Q. They beat everybody. They never played beyond 16 all week.
MARC DULL: Yeah, I believe it.

CHIP BROOKE: I've been to match play three times in the USGA and I've lost to the eventual winner all three times, so at some point it's got to turn around.

Q. Well, at the minute at least you're playing against guys in the same category.
CHIP BROOKE: Trust me, that guy didn't fly it 320.

Q. Well, obviously next year, you know Bandon Dunes, as well, spent some time there --
MARC DULL: Never been there.

Q. Talk about what that's going to mean to you to go back to a place like that.
CHIP BROOKE: It'll mean a lot. It is a golf course where what we just saw and lost to is probably less an advantage. This is a U.S. Open golf course that we're playing. This golf course could host a U.S. Open next week, and if they wanted to make over par win, they could, without even trying. Bandon Dunes, it's a lot of imagination, it's a lot of missing it in the right spots, taking your medicine. I think Bandon honestly gives us a -- I don't know how much further you can get other than winning, so if we can get to the finals at a place like Jupiter Hills, you know, it certainly makes me confident going into Bandon Dunes.

MARC DULL: Chipper texted me when they moved the four-ball from Chambers Bay to Bandon. He's like, this is the best thing I've ever heard. He's like, we're actually going to get to play a golf tournament at Bandon Dunes. He was like a kid on Christmas.

Q. Old Mac and Pacific Dunes --
CHIP BROOKE: Old Mac is a course that most guys, their first taste, they don't like it, but I really like it because you really have to be creative. Just the aim here, hit it 240 straight up in the air with a fade will work. There were a couple shots the kids hit today that at Bandon Dunes, you're not going that far. Yeah, I'm pretty excited, not to mention those greens are usually fairly flat, and obviously they can't be too fast because of the wind, and Marc on slower flat greens, I'll take him against anybody. That part I like. So yeah, there's a lot of things. Plus I'm pissed again, so now I'm pissed still, so let's see what we need --

MARC DULL: Get more pissed.

Q. Was there any shot in the match this afternoon that you'd say we wish we could have had that one over and maybe things could have --
MARC DULL: I would love to have the putt back on 3. Chipper chipped in on 2 to go back to even, and then he chipped in on 3.

CHIP BROOKE: For birdie.

MARC DULL: For birdie, and I had about a 12-footer or something. I would love to have that putt -- I left it a half an inch short right in the middle of the hole. Instead of going 1-down, you're even still. After he just chips in, instead of being 1-down, you're even. I would love to have that putt back and hit it just a fraction harder because I think that changes the momentum a little bit. After he just took the momentum and then he chips in like to make that on top of him, it would be nice to just --

CHIP BROOKE: Yeah, that was a big moment for them. If he doesn't chip in and Marc makes and we're 1-up, and when you're playing kids like that, if you can win a hole, it's important. Just get a little momentum.

Q. They played 71 holes, they trailed for two holes this week. That was their match against Atkinson and Gibson.
CHIP BROOKE: Cole Hammer is a special player. He did some things that -- obviously he's going to Texas. I'm not saying he's Jordan Spieth, but there are certain things that he does -- Garrett is just like -- just pure, just steaming talent, like length and power. But Cole hit a couple shots today that --

Q. The one on 6.
CHIP BROOKE: The one on 6, the bunker shot on 13 and then the chip getting up-and-down from the fringe with a 9-iron --

MARC DULL: 14, the par-3, I'm like, Garrett --

CHIP BROOKE: It's not fun to watch when you're playing against them. You're not getting into that. It's not like I'm just, oh, my God, I'm playing with this guy and you watch every shot because you do want to beat them, but you notice it. I mean, it's very obvious. And then he hit a shot that he thought was short and he hit it to three feet on 8. He's like, oh, my God, get up. I'm like, oh, he's going to be short of the green. No.

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