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May 23, 2018

Tom Walter

Logan Harvey

Durham, North Carolina

Louisville - 10, Wake Forest - 2

TOM WALTER: Obviously disappointed in today's performance. Just didn't get it done early in the game offensively. Had some chances; bases loaded nobody out, had a chance to grab some momentum, and just needed to have a couple better at-bats there, and instead, we only get one and the kind of momentum shifts to their dugout. And then Colin gives up -- not that inning but the next inning gives up the three-run home run to Stowers, and coming in Stowers was a guy we didn't want to let beat us, and obviously he hurt us all day today.

Q. Logan, what you saw from Colin for the first three innings wasn't I assume what you saw in the fourth inning. What changed for him on the mound?
LOGAN HARVEY: Quite honestly, I think it was just getting a little bit out of tempo, out of rhythm, whether it be through his motion and just kind of pitch-by-pitch, kind of executing pitches. It's easy to kind of get in that rhythm of executed pitch after executed pitch, and sometimes those kind of flyaway balls that were happening, it's kind of hard to get back into your set like that, and that's just something that comes with age, comes with time, and I think growing, he'll be better with that.

Q. There was a moment right before the homer if I recall correctly; what was said in that moment?
LOGAN HARVEY: That was just kind of what our plan was going to be. We had talked yesterday about what our plan was going to be against him, and obviously that plan wasn't executed on the next pitch, and Stowers hurt us.

Q. Michael led off, I believe it was the fourth with a double, and then was thrown out going to third on a grounder to short. Was that a play that you wanted him to try to get to third on, and how big was it that inning to come away with no runs after leading off the inning with a double?
TOM WALTER: Yeah, obviously a huge play in the game. I thought he made the right read in that situation. I thought he just hesitated a little bit, just for that split second, didn't run right away. And as we talk to our guys, if you hesitate, you need to stay put in that situation. But I thought off the bat that that was absolutely the right read with a plus runner out there, and that's a freshman mistake.

I think this time next year, Michael Ludowig won't being making those mistakes, but he probably -- if he had went right away, he would have been clearly safe, and the shortstop probably throws right to first in that situation.

Q. You mentioned Michael growing next year; as you look at the big picture with this team, there's a lot of youth, and I know you've got tomorrow to play and try to win a game, but what do you look at for next season and get excited about?
TOM WALTER: Yeah, our freshman position players, I think, and then we've got some good returners, too, depending on what happens with the draft. We've got guys like Logan Harvey and Jake Mueller and John Aiello who are three- and four-year starters who are going to be back in this lineup possibly next year, in addition to those freshmen and in addition to a good recruiting class.

Obviously in the offseason our guys will go out and play summer ball and get to work, and we'll be excited about next year's club. Especially with Bruce Steel and Keegan Maronpot coming back and going to grad school will be a big addition, as well. So offensively we're going to be really good next year, and it's just a matter of how good we'll be on the mound.

Q. Was this season a disappointment? Was it a rebuilding year? Was it a little bit of both?
TOM WALTER: I think it's a disappointment. I mean, any time you're 25-31, you're certainly disappointed in that. That's not where we think our program is. It's been ups and downs with everything that happened with our seniors and everything that we've gone through, but again, we've done some really good things this year. Like you said, the emergence of our freshman position players but also some of our arms; Colin Peluse and Morgan McSweeney at times have been very dominant. They weren't today, but at times have been very good, and Jared Shuster and Will Fleming and some young guys like that on the mound are going to be good pieces for us in a year. Certainly a lot to look forward to, but we'll be licking our wounds here for the next 20 hours until we get ready for Duke.

Q. Logan, how do you approach tomorrow? I guess this is kind of one game and leave it all out there?
LOGAN HARVEY: Yeah, I mean, we knew what we had to do to advance to the next stage, and obviously we didn't come away with that win today that we needed. So tomorrow Griff is on the mound, I'm behind the plate. It's going to be business as usual. We're going to go out and we're going to try to end this season on a high note rather than kind of on a down slope sort of thing. Hoping to play well, get some hits, everybody kind of get that confidence going into their summer ball so they can go and we can continue to get better so that when we come back next fall, we're just as good and better than we were at this time.

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