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May 23, 2018

Patrick Sato

Kyle Cornett

Tequesta, Florida

Q. I know you didn't get to the ultimate goal of winning the championship, but kind of sum up what this week meant to you guys.
PATRICK SATO: Really special. Really enjoyed it. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to move on, but we both did a lot of good things today, and it was a good learning experience.

KYLE CORNETT: So much fun. It's fun playing a format where you get to hang out with a buddy for five, six days. The course was amazing. Everything here has been awesome.

Q. A little different probably than what you guys experience up in Seattle?
KYLE CORNETT: Weather-wise, for sure, yeah.

Q. Maybe a little bit like Chambers Bay?
KYLE CORNETT: Yeah, there's some banks you can play and Sandy areas. Usually if you miss a fairway you're in the trees on a tree-lined Washington-style course.

Q. Was this the first USGA event for both of you?
KYLE CORNETT: This was my second.

Q. Having gone through this now, what do you think you'll take from it going forward?
PATRICK SATO: You know, I'm not going to have much expectation when I'm qualifying for another one. Just do the best that I can.

Q. Actually this event at Bandon Dunes, not too far from Seattle. I know you guys are thinking about pro careers, but are you guys going to stick around and do this again?
PATRICK SATO: I was planning on turning pro, but now I've got to do some thinking. This tournament was way too fun.

KYLE CORNETT: I'll be back next year one way or another. Got to qualify again.

Q. Yeah, you've got to get a different partner, don't you?

Q. If you kept the same partnership, you could play.
KYLE CORNETT: That would be nice.

PATRICK SATO: So much pressure.

Q. When did you guys graduate?

Q. So you've been out for a year?

Q. What have you guys been doing?

Q. At a club?
KYLE CORNETT: Yeah, a golf club.

Q. Which course do you work at?
KYLE CORNETT: Englewood Golf Club.

PATRICK SATO: I work at an indoor facility in the Seattle area.

Q. What are you guys doing that?
KYLE CORNETT: Answer phones --

Q. You still have to pay the bills, right?

Q. What's left this summer for you guys?
KYLE CORNETT: Well, you'll have to decide what you want to do. I'm playing like PNGA, the state amateur, Oregon Open, tournaments like that.

Q. U.S. Am probably?
KYLE CORNETT: U.S. Am qualifying.

Q. You guys are a couple years shy of Mid-Am probably?
KYLE CORNETT: Yeah, yeah, two years shy of that.

PATRICK SATO: Getting old.

Q. Well, you played a couple guys that were old today, 42 and 32. What did you think of their games?
KYLE CORNETT: They were good. They're steady. They just keep it in play, keep it on the greens, have great speed. We played with a lot of great players this tournament. It's been fun.

Q. Usually USGA events exposes what you need to work on. What do you think going forward that this event will help you -- what you need to focus on going forward?
PATRICK SATO: Just gives me a lot of confidence, I guess, just beating some of the guys we did and doing well enough to make it to match play.

KYLE CORNETT: I felt like I had my "A" game the first four rounds, so if I could have just kept that rolling -- so just once you get in a flow, just continue to be there.

Q. You kind of get a feel for the golf course --

Q. You develop confidence as the days move on?
KYLE CORNETT: Yeah, and the practice rounds we were like, man, how are we going to make birdies, and before you know it, you're making five birdies a round out here.

Q. You put Seattle U on the map this week; it's not exactly a school -- I think Elgin Baylor is probably the most famous athlete to come out of there?
KYLE CORNETT: Totally. We might be the second and third now.

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